Sleep Better with a Garlic Under the Pillow


Some garlic cloves under the pillow can prevent the proliferation of bacteria

Have you heard of someone who usually puts garlic under the pillow?

You may think it’s crazy, but there is a reason why some people do it.

It turns out that garlic is a potent killer of fungi and bacteria and using 3 to 5 teeth under the pillow every night forms a very effective kind of shield to fight respiratory problems such as sinusitis, rhinitis and allergies.

It is an ancient practice, but it has been forgotten over time. This helps purify the environment and “protect” the dream.

If you don’t have garlic at home, put an onion cut in half next to the pillow as it has the same effect.

Garlic is also good in other things like:


It helps lower cholesterol by containing a substance called allicin, which helps control bad cholesterol by helping the heart stay healthy.


It is able to relax the blood vessels and promote better circulation in the veins and arteries. For those who already have low blood pressure, the recommendation is to consume it moderately.


Because it has anticoagulant action, garlic also prevents the formation of blood clots in blood vessels, which causes blood to circulate without hindrance.

Colon cancer

Being rich in selenium and vitamin C, garlic is a powerful ally in the fight against cancer, especially colon cancer, preventing the disease from spreading.

Flu and colds

It is an excellent natural immune system booster. Your intake can effectively fight colds and the flu.


For those who care about the body and practice exercises, garlic consumption helps increase lean mass production. This also speeds up the metabolism, which facilitates the elimination of fat.


In many cultures, garlic consumption is indicated to increase sexual appetite because it has a vasodilator effect, which contributes to the irrigation of the genitals, increasing their potency.


Garlic also contains a healing effect and is very suitable for treating acne and also for fighting free radicals, which helps to rejuvenate the skin.

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