Seizure – What It Is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Seizure – What It Is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments We Must Know. Also, seizures are changes in the electrical activity of the brain. This change may cause dramatic and noticeable symptoms or may not cause symptoms.

Symptoms of severe seizure include violent tremors and loss of control. However, mild seizures can also be a sign of a significant medical problem, so recognizing them is important.

Since some seizures may lead to injury or evidence of an underlying medical condition, it is important to seek treatment if you experience them.

Causes of Seizure:

Often the cause of a seizure is unknown. Many conditions can cause seizures, including:


Brain tumor ;

Head injuries;

Electrolyte imbalance;

Very low blood sugar ;

Repetitive sounds or flashing lights, as in video games;

Medications such as antipsychotics and some asthma medications;

Drug use like cocaine and heroin.


Seizure Symptoms:

With a seizure , the signs and symptoms can range from mild to severe and vary depending on the type of seizure . Seizure signs and symptoms may include temporary confusion, irrefutable arm and leg movements, loss of consciousness, cognitive or emotional symptoms such as fear or anxiety .

Doctors often classify seizures as focal or generalized, based on how and where abnormal brain activity begins. Seizures can also be classified as an unknown onset if it is not known if the seizure has begun.

Seizure Treatment:

Seizure treatments vary according to the cause of the seizures. By treating  seizure , you may be able to prevent future seizures. With regular treatment, people with epilepsy may experience a reduction or disappearance of seizure symptoms.

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