Say GOODBYE TO WHITE HAIR Naturally Using Just 1 Ingredient


Say Goodbye to WHITE HAIR Naturally Using Only 1 Ingredient in a simple and natural way with natural ingredients. In addition, white hair represents a problem that is very uncomfortable for women, as well as denouncing their age they still take part in the charm of the yarn.

One solution may be to paint the locks, but we know that using tinctures at a time can destroy the hair structure.

To help you get rid of white hair let’s teach some homemade recipes.

In warfare against white wires you can bet on the use of natural ingredients combined in recipes that are effective.

What ensures the good results is exactly the combination of these ingredients.

Nothing like being able to look in the mirror and see no strings out of tune, is it? So check out the recipes to get rid of the white hairs at home.

1. Hena For White Hair :

Hena is a natural treatment and covers the white hair , and prevents the appearance of new white hair . Hena is the powder resulting from the crushing of leaves of a shrub called Lawsonia inermis.

In India, it is a very popular natural dye for dyeing hair and treating white hair .

To prepare you need to mix the powder with a little water until you get a uniform paste, apply it on hair and let it act.

2. Iron To Avoid White Hair:

Lack of iron in the diet can cause the premature appearance of white hair. The iron that is obtained from food, helps produce melanin that gives color to the hair and prevents the premature appearance of white hair.

Among the factors affecting the production of melanin, the genetics and the degree of its exposure to ultraviolet rays are the main ones. The iron can be found in celery and corn.

3. Onion For White Hair:

The onion is not only useful for seasoning the dishes, it has incredible power to prevent white hair , massaging the scalp with onion juice can be excellent for treating white hair .

A study from the University of Bradford, UK , found catalase, an onion enzyme decreases hydrogen peroxide that accumulates in the hair follicles and discoloration. In other words the onion is has substances that prevents the appearance of white hair.


4. Avocado To Treat White Hair:

Avocados are not only just for food, avocados contain minerals, fatty acids and vitamin E with restructuring, moisturizing and antioxidant properties that prevent white hair , you just need to crush a ripe avocado and apply dough to hair as well as moisturize will avoid the appearance of white hair.

5. Vitamins of Complex B For White Hair:

You can eat the egg yolk, whole grains or carrot juice drink these complexes are perfect for combating white hair.

White hair on young people often appear because there is a lack of nutrition in their diets.

A deficiency of vitamin B is usually one of the causes of premature white hair. It treats white hair , including in its diet more complex B vitamins.

6. Walnut Leaves For White Hair:

Nowadays, the alternatives offered by cosmetology are oriented towards the use of dyes, however, the walnut leaves are one of the oldest home remedies to give color and avoid the appearance of white hair.

7. Juglonas Leaves For White Hair:

Juglone is a substance that contains a dye widely used in the cosmetic industry. To prepare this mixture for white hair, just boil water and when it boils, add 2 handfuls of walnut leaves. Let it boil for 15 minutes and apply on the  hair.

8. White Hair Salvia Lotion:

These herbs for thousands of years have been used to dye hair is to avoid white hair , it is one of the most popular natural dyes, especially suitable for dark colored hair .

To darken the hair color and undo the white hair , just boil sage leaves for 30 minutes. let cool is put into hair .

9. Rosemary To Treat White Hair:

If you want to keep your tone, avoid white hair , and accentuate black hair, an infusion of rosemary is the solution to treat white hair.

The use of this herb is another natural way of dealing with white hair , thanks to its high levels of caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid, two potent antioxidants for treating hair .

The preparation is very simple, you will need ¼ cup of rosemary, ¼ sage and 2 glasses of water.

Boil the water to put the herbs and let stand all night. And apply it on the scalp.

10. Ginger To Treat White Hair:

The ginger is a very good remedy for treating white hair the secret of healthy hair, full of life is to have a healthy scalp, and ginger , one of the most popular plants in traditional Chinese medicine.

It is used to increase circulation in the scalp and will help the growth of the hair follicles (the glands that generate the hair) helping to treat white hair .

Just boil water and when it boils add the grated ginger . Let it boil for 15 minutes after cool apply on your scalp.

11. Iodine for Treating White Hair:

Eat more foods high in iodine . Food rich in iodine helps in preventing white hair . The fish has a high iodine content .

In addition, bananas and carrots also contain iodine . You can replace sea salt or kosher salt with salt to increase your iodine intake .

12. Aloe Vera For Treating White Hair:

Aloe vera is also very effective in treating white hair and hair in general.

Massaging hair with the blend of coconut milk aloe vera and wheat germ oil accelerates the growth of your hair and scalp it pH and scalp the pores.

After that, rinse thoroughly and wash your hair as usual. And gradually he had noticed the white hair being softened.

13. Jojoba Oil For White Hair:

The seed of this tree is rich in linoleic acid that contributes to the regulation of the generation of fat and vitamin E that eliminates the free radicals, responsible for the appearance of the premature white hair .

Jojoba oil is easily absorbed by the scalp Massage with jojoba oil is a great way to deep moisturize and treat white hair.

14. Wheat Germ To Treat White Hair:

Wheat germ oil is an excellent natural product to nourish and moisturize hair, it is also rich in vitamins.

And mixed with other elements such as yogurt and honey and due to its antioxidant power, it prevents the appearance of white hair .

Apply on dry hair , half an hour before washing with gentle massages to penetrate.

Care With Dyes:

Hair dyes can be very allergenic and can cause an allergic skin reaction (allergic dermatitis), with skin redness and scars, according to data from the United States National Library of Medicine. Important to do to perform a product allergy test behind the ears or neck.

Carrying it is always good to use natural products, get better results for your white hair , and moisturizing it, without any risk. Plus it is always good to test the natural products before use.

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