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Renown Skin Labs is a skin cream dedicated to young people who are struggling with acne skin. On sale we also find Renown Skin Labs d – an acne cream for adults. The producer of tablets is Aflofarm. We read on the packaging that Renown Skin Labs acts on acne from the inside – it cleanses, has antioxidant and protective effect. Let’s take a closer look at this popular cream for acne problems.

Renown Skin Labs Composition

If we want to analyze the effectiveness of the Renown Skin Labs product, we should take a closer look at its components.

Extract from the herb of a tricolor violet, responsible for improving the condition of the skin, especially recommended for the skin with a tendency to desiccation. Thanks to flavonoid compounds, it ensures internal balance and health of the skin.

Lactoferrin is a multifunctional protein found in body fluids and glandular secretions. Lactoferrin is part of innate immunity, it provides protection of the body against pathogens. When it comes to the topic of combating acne we are interested in, it inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for the development of pimples.

Extract from the dandelion root, has a purifying and antioxidant effect, its action is based on supporting the detoxification of the body and expelling unnecessary metabolic products.

Vitamin PP, is responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system, improves the condition of the mucous membranes and the overall condition of the skin.

Zinc, helps regenerate damaged skin, contains special antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, which makes it possible to regenerate damaged skin.

Extract from green tea leaves, has a similar effect on zinc in the neutralization of free radicals.

Vitamin B6, has many important functions in our body, among the most important we participate in the formation of red blood cells, protein synthesis and also in the regulation of energy metabolism.

Renown Skin Labs use

The use of Renown Skin Labs is not bothersome, we do not need to lubricate, tire and so on. According to the manufacturer, cream can be used in parallel with products that work from the inside – an ointment for acne

Renown Skin Labs Price

Renown Skin Labs can be bought in virtually any online pharmacy only. If you want to buy you need to go to the official website click the and buy easily.

Renown Skin Labs reviews

Opinions on the Renown Skin Labs cream is very different. The product is dedicated to young people, and in adolescence, acne is often associated with a storm of hormones. In this case, the fight against acne can be very difficult, you need a really effective drug to get rid of acne youth one hundred percent. Opinions on online forums are usually positive for low to medium acne. In the case of more serious problems with acne, people using the product are not fully satisfied with its effects. Below we give opinions about cream for acne Renown Skin Labs.

I used different ointments for acne, I was with a few dermatologists, but the problem keeps coming back. It’s better at the beginning, but the relapse is the worst. I try not to squeeze the pustules, but there are so many of them that I cannot look at them. As for Renown Skin Labs, the product seemed good at first, I felt a slight improvement, but then everything returned to normal, despite the fact that I took pills for almost 3 months. In my case, the product is rated as not very effective, but the price is not high either, so you cannot expect miracles.

Martyna, Lords

Renown Skin Labs is very heavily advertised in various media, so I decided to test it. Generally, I have tested many products. From my experience, you have to use this product for a long time to see any effects, and in the case of severe acne, no one wants to wait, but you expect a quick effect that is not spectacular anyway.

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