How to Remove the Swollen Ring without Pain


Look at these extremely practical and effective ways to remove the stuck ring from your finger

Not knowing how to remove the swollen finger ring can be distressing. Who has already been through this knows. To avoid going through this situation and not feel pain or the stuck ring or when you take it off, look at these tips.

8 Ways to remove the swollen finger ring

You don’t have to worry, there are several very effective ways to remove the swollen finger ring without pain or work. These methods can be manual or chemical, and do not damage fingers or jewelry.

The materials are simple and surely you will have some at the time of nervousness.

1. Zigzag

Here the secret is just a little bit of skill. Instead of pulling the piece, moisten your hands and, holding the ring with your index finger and thumb, zigzags back and forth. Thus, you will gradually get the skin through the circle.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil is an excellent natural lubricant. When using it, it is easier to slide the ring and remove it without damaging the skin or damaging it with chemicals.

This is because fat is essential to reduce friction considerably, a factor that greatly facilitates the passage of the ring through the finger, without getting caught in the skin.

3. Conditioner

The conditioner, used specifically to keep hair soft, is also good for this moment. This is because it facilitates the sliding of the object, reducing the friction of the ring with the finger, as well as the oil.

4. Raise your arm

This advice has to do with blood circulation, since when the arm and hand are in the line of the heart, they receive an excessive amount of blood, which increases swelling in the extremities.

Therefore, the ideal is to do the opposite, leaving the arm and hand raised on a table or any surface slightly above the chest line. This will help the finger to deflate.

5. Ice water

Ice water is responsible for deflating the finger, facilitating the exit of the ring. This is because the heat agitates the atoms inside the finger, causing them to generate an expansion, unlike the cold, responsible for reducing this agitation.

6. Wait a bit

In the event that the ring is simply stuck without causing pain, wait a few hours can be a very good solution to the problem depending on the schedule.

This is because, usually, in the early morning, the fingers swell more, which facilitates the removal of the ring at the end of the afternoon or at night.

7. Soap

Also in the logic of making your finger slippery, use a soap or detergent to soften your hands.

Do as if you were washing your hands, but do not rinse and be careful that when you take off your ring, it does not fall down the drain!

8. Dental floss

This technique is more elaborate and extremely effective for cases in which there is a great hurry to remove the swollen finger ring without damaging it. To do this, you must place the tip of the dental floss under the ring, being able to use a needle if the space is very tight.

After this step, it is important that you tie the line to the base of your finger, taking care that it is not strong enough to cause pain or prevent blood circulation.

Flossing can be replaced with another thin, resistant floss such as nylon. Give preference to thin and soft threads so as not to hurt yourself.

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