Red Eye – What It Is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Red Eye – What it is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments, In this article, you will get all your doubts about this disease. In addition, almost all people have experienced eye  reddening from time to time, affecting one or both eyes .

The red eye is caused by swollen or dilated blood vessels on the sclera, the outer white surface of the eye. If you think your red eyes could be an emergency, you should seek assistance and schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

Red eyes may be accompanied by eye pain , itching, eye discharge, swollen eyes or visual disturbances such as blurred vision. In other cases, they may not cause any irritation. The redness of the eyes  may develop over time or appear suddenly, particularly in response to allergies or an eye injury.

What are red eyes?

Red eyes is a general term used to describe this problem, irritated and reddish. It may also refer to:

Subconjunctival haemorrhage, or the breaking of blood vessels in the sclera;

Blepharitis or inflammation of the eyelids;

Sty, or a red bump on the eyelid.


Causes of Red Eye:

One of the causes for red eyesight is tiredness or tired eyes, usually at the end of the day. The computer use, essentially excessive, during several hours without gaps and causes fatigue eye, which can cause red or reddish eye.

Using the computer causes the blinking to decrease by about 30% of normal, causing dry eye which in turn causes eye aggression  and consequent redness. Read more details on red and dry eye.

Presence of foreign body in the eye;

Corneal abrasion (trauma in the anterior layers of the cornea);

Herpetic corneal infection (herpes);

Corneal ulcers;

Sjögren’s Syndrome;



Episcleritis (inflammation of the membrane that covers the white part of the eye);

Hay fever;

Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea);

Orbital cellulitis (severe infection of the tissues around the eyes , causing red spots around the eyes );

Scleritis (inflammation of the white part of the eye);

Hordeol (painful red nodule with pus on the edge of the eyelid);

Subconjunctival haemorrhage.

Red Eye Symptoms:

Usually red eyes may be accompanied by other very important signs and symptoms in the diagnosis. These signs and symptoms may include eye pain, burning or stinging, irritation, photophobia or sensitivity to light, excessive tears or  watery eyes , fever, pus or bruising, edema or swelling, among others.

If you have signs and symptoms other than red eyes, such as severe eye pain , nausea, nausea or vomiting, see your eye doctor as a matter of urgency as this may be a serious problem requiring urgent treatment.

Red Eye Treatment:

For example, if bacterial conjunctivitis is the cause , treatment will be based on topical antibiotics. If there is viral conjunctivitis , treatment will be done with anti-inflammatory drugs (corticosteroids). In turn, allergic conjunctivitis is treated with antihistamines. Dry eye syndrome can be treated with eye drops, artificial tears.

Other causes may not even need any treatment, such as conjunctival hemorrhage, which is usually self-limiting, but a topical corticosteroid may be administered. An example is the tired red eye in which simply resting can often solve the problem.

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