The Method for Women to Produce Sperm and Male Ovules

The Method for Women to Produce Sperm and Male Ovules

Cellular reprogramming has been tested in mice, but in humans it is not so easy

As everyone knows, men produce sperm and women ovules. For a pregnancy to occur, the union of one with the other must occur. It is true that science has advanced and now there is the possibility of performing in vitro fertilization or surrogacy. Whatever the method, after all the female produces the ovule and the male the sperm. However, a novel technique could allow women to produce sperm and male eggs.

A technique for women to produce sperm and male ovules

One of the objectives of cellular reprogramming is that of being able to transform a skin cell into an ovule, and that the original cell can be distinguished from the other cells that are necessary for the formation of a complete organism.

That said, recently, a medical center responsible for fertility treatments evidenced the possibility that homosexual couples had offspring with the genetic information of both members is closer than you think. For this, normal cells must be used. These would be reprogrammed to form a sperm and an ovule, which, when fertilized, would be implanted in the uterus of a female.

In other words, what this method means is that there could be a possibility for women to produce sperm and male ovules.

It should be noted that the procedure would also be useful for heterosexual couples with problems to naturally produce their own sperm and eggs.

Research in this field

It is important to keep in mind that the suggestion of this clinic is based on some research and previous trials that have been done with mice.

Already in 2016 the researcher Katsuhiko Hayashi, from the University of Kyushu, in Japan, together with his team managed to produce ovules in functional mice starting from pluripotent stem cells. It should be noted that the research was published in the journal Nature.

Once they had the ovules cultured, they were subjected to in vitro fertilization in the laboratory. Then, they were injected into the female mice to get pregnant.

Already in 2019 he managed to reproduce, for the first time, pairs of mammals of the same sex. Although this was achieved in mice, Anna Veiga, director of the Bank of Cell Lines of the Center for Regenerative Medicine of Barcelona, ​​commented in El País that “in humans, the last thing that has been achieved is to produce ovogonias, which are precursors of the oocytes , but in a very imperfect way. In mouse, you can do all the tests that are to demonstrate the functionality of the gametes [ovules and spermatozoa], and then you have to introduce that embryo in a carrier mother, see how it behaves in pregnancy and see how the offspring comes out » .

Therefore, it is clear from these words that caution must still be taken when talking about the possibility of women producing sperm and male ovules.

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The Method for Women to Produce Sperm and Male Ovules

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