Pregnancy – Advice to Pregnant Women not to Smoke


Pregnancy Review: France, where smoking is common during pregnancy, in maternity wards is testing the method of paying pregnant women to encourage them to quit smoking, which is considered more positive and effective than blame.

Early abortions, premature birth, growth retardation ‘in utero’, increased risk of asthma, etc .: many scientific studies prove the harmfulness of snuff in the fetus.

Nevertheless, 20% of pregnant women continue to smoke during pregnancy in France (where a third of the population smokes). A European record revealed in February 2015 by the Ministry of Health.

To try to remedy the problem, 16 French maternity wards will try, first, to convince moms smoking cessation offering shopping vouchers.

About 400 pregnant women will be recruited. Voluntary, seniors, pregnant at least four half months and who smoke at least five cigarettes a day (or three funky paper, but not other snuff products or electronic cigarette).

“The experience began on April 7 and should last two years,” he told AFP news agency Ivan Berlin, physician Hospital Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris, who led the study, funded by the National Cancer Institute.

Women receive on average paid 300 euros (more than 230 thousand pesos). And doctors monitor their abstinence with biological control tests.

One method that may surprise you , but is defended by adictologists. “I win to be pregnant is sufficient to leave a toxic behavior is equivalent to not measure the potential physiological and psychological domain representing psychoactive substances reason , ” said Professor Michel Lejoyeux, head of the department of psychiatry and addictology in the Paris hospital Bichat-Beaujon.

Although aware of the toxic nature of snuff, dependent smokers can not quit, “for biological and psychological reasons,” he said. “In a considerable number of cases, addiction continues amid shame and guilt,” noted the professor.

And tell a pregnant woman that snuff is bad for your baby is ineffective.

I successfully tested for cocaine –

“Addiction is the deviation of the reward circuitry into a single reward is the product. The individual has a compulsive need to use your product. When you do not have that product is wrong and calms “he describes Professor Michel Reynaud, Department of Psychiatry and addictology Paul Brousse Hospital in Villejuif, in the Paris suburbs.

Offer good shopping vouchers can affect positively activating the process of pleasure. ” The person receives another possible reward which aims to counter the massive need the product.”

” It is known that these serious dependencies, this strategy is effective. In the United States, is tested for at least ten years in the dependent cocaine with good results and better than the results of other therapies people , “he said.

“This method is counterintuitive course. But we must encourage dependents rather than punish or embarrass them. We must support them in their difficulties rather than bring them to the index , ” he added.

From potential criticism of the principle of compensation of smoking or on the cost of such a method, Professor Berlin highlights the economies generated. Well decrease the costs associated with the consequences of addiction, such as premature babies or low birth weight.

“The snuff is so toxic for babies that any investment is useful from the moment that their effectiveness is demonstrated,” he added.

He quoted a Scottish team that already studied the effectiveness of this method. His works were published in late January 2015 in the British medical journal BMJ: 23% of women who received a financial incentive managed to stop smoking versus 9% of those received no compensation.

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