Porcelain Rose – What it is, Benefits and How to Use


Get to know Porcelain Rose , a plant with medicinal properties, and learn how to enjoy its benefits. In addition, the scientific name of porcelain roses is Etlingera elatior. They originate from Southeast Asia and are also known as the Emperor’s staff or surrender flower. The spectacular inflorescence leaves the rhizome from a height of 60 centimeters to over one meter. The individual flowers appear from the pinecone-like knots above the wax lines. The leaves grow in rows of separate stalks along the rhizome. See all about this plant :

What is Porcelain Rose:

The Rose-of-Porcelain is a medicinal plant, also known as the Bat-Emperor or Flower-of-redemption, widely used in the treatment of rheumatism .

Its scientific name is Etlingera elatior and can be purchased at health food stores, handling pharmacies and some markets or trade shows.


Properties of Porcelain Rose:

The properties of Porcelain Rose include its analgesic and antirheumatic action.

What is the Porcelain Rose for:

The  Rose-of-porcelain serves to assist in the treatment of rheumatism and muscle pain.

Directions for use of  Porcelain Rose:

The used part of Porcelain Rose is its rhizome.

Side Effects :

No side effects of Porcelain Rose were found .

Contraindications :

Contraindications to Porcelain Rose are not described .


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