Pineberry: Know this Amazing Fruit that Looks like Strawberry and Pineapple

Pineberry - Know this Amazing Fruit that Looks like Strawberry and Pineapple1

Pineberry – Different, but very beneficial for health

You must be accustomed to arriving at a restaurant and seeing on the menu a great mix of fruits in a single juice. Apple with strawberry, pineapple with watermelon, mango with passion fruit, are examples of these delicacies that are becoming more and more frequent in popular tastes.

But have you heard of fruit that is pineapple and strawberry at the same time?

This is none other than the pineberry. A fruit that has a strawberry and pineapple flavor. The name “pineberry” comes from English and is a mixture of a little of the name of each fruit: “pine” is related to  pineapple (pineapple), while “berry” is related to strawberry.

For example, in Brazil, the pineberry has been dubbed as a white strawberry, due to its appearance. Its existence is little known, since its commercialization does not have much value. However, some Dutch farmers decided to invest in this fruit for its qualities. Originally from South America, this fruit brings several advantages to those who consume it.

Benefits of pineberry for health:

  1. Strengthens bones and teeth because it is rich in vitamin A.
  2. It improves the immune system because it is a source of vitamin C.
  3. It is able to control blood pressure, preventing heart failure, strokes and heart attacks, thanks to the large amount of potassium it contains.
  4. Reduces body oxidation and slows aging.
  5. It is rich in fiber and treats various digestive problems.
  6. Causes a feeling of satiety, helping to lose weight.
  7. It is rich in carbohydrates, so it increases the energy levels of the human body.
  8. It is a source of folic acid, a very good thing for the health of pregnant women.

And you, did you already know about the existence of the pineberry? Tell it through the comments and be sure to share this article so that others can know this wonderful fruit still unknown to many.

Pineberry_ Know this Amazing Fruit that Looks like Strawberry and Pineapple

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