Take this Pineapple Water for 7 Days and Lose up to 5kg of Fat!

Take this Pineapple Water for 7 Days and Lose up to 5kg of Fat

Take this Pineapple Water for 7 Days and Lose up to 5kg of Fat in a simple and natural way. Plus, discover the multiple benefits of this powerful fruit.

There are several methods for losing weight. Some people focus on food, while others prefer physical activities. Whichever technique is used, the most important thing is perseverance and discipline. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to lose weight and stay at the weight you want. In the following article, an alternative to losing weight is offered, pineapple water: if you want to discover the slimming properties that this fruit has, pay attention.

How to lose weight by drinking pineapple water

If you are thinking of a fruit that allows you to lose weight, consider the pineapple. Its low calorie content and its richness in fiber, vitamin C and enzymes make it the perfect fruit to reduce those extra pounds and keep it at the desired weight. Pineapple has diuretic effects that help eliminate excess fluids from the body.

Consequently, it favors weight loss naturally. In addition, this fruit gives those who consume a satiating effect. This is a factor that can be very beneficial, as the body will not ask for more food for several hours.

If you want to learn how to prepare water with pineapple, discover the following recipe and recommendations. You must be aware that this drink is prepared with the peel. Otherwise, the effect will not be as desired.

Take this Pineapple Water for 7 Days and Lose up to 5kg of Fat!


Remove the shell and wash it well.

Boil in one liter of water.

Add a tablespoon of cinnamon along with the peel.

Boil the peel for 30 minutes.

Remember to keep in the refrigerator what you need to maintain the properties.

By including pineapple in your diet, you will not only be consuming an excellent natural laxative. In addition to this property, this fruit is perfect for preventing constipation, improving digestion, lowering cholesterol and strengthening the immune system. In conclusion, this is a range of benefits in a single fruit.

Final tip:

Losing weight is usually one of the main needs of people today. Some do this because they experience limiting excess weight. Others for pure aesthetic reasons. The truth is that many people suffer in the process of getting rid of a few pounds. In eagerness, they jump from one technique to another, without achieving satisfactory results. If you have trouble losing weight, perhaps the pineapple water option is made to measure. But you must consume it in a balanced way to get the desired effect.

In any case, it is best to consult a nutritionist. Remember that the metabolism of each person is different, requires specialized attention and that the data presented in this article are not a substitute for the opinion of a professional.

Take this Pineapple Water for 7 Days and Lose up to 5kg of Fat

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