Pineapple Drink with Green Tea To Lose 5Kg in 7 Days!

Pineapple Drink with Green Tea To Lose 5Kg in 7 Days!

Pineapple Drink with Green Tea To Lose 5Kg in 7 Days. In addition, the pineapple drink with green tea is a delicious infusion that can be taken in cold or heat, hot or cold.

This drink manages to combine the sweet and aromatic pineapple with the beneficial green tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which provides a powerful slimming effect.

Pineapple Drink with Green Tea

In traditional medicine, green tea has the ability to help with weight loss, fight respiratory disorders, collaborate with the control of high blood pressure and also to keep the body rejuvenated by its antioxidant action.

Benefits of Pineapple with Green Tea:

The infusion of green tea and pineapple, is sweet and refreshing that mixes two ingredients with various properties for the general health of the body. In addition, Camellia Sinensis has a basic antioxidant benefit.

However, pineapple, which has the characteristic of being anti-inflammatory and healing, is essential for those who aim to lose weight by avoiding the accumulation of abdominal fat and improving metabolism.

Homemade Pineapple Drink with Green Tea Recipe:

In addition, the combination of green tea with pineapple, makes it a drink that can be used in the job of speeding up the metabolism to burn fat more effectively.

You can add extra ingredients that can contribute to further increase metabolic activity, making it easier to burn fat. Therefore, cinnamon collaborates with the detoxification of the body, promoting the burning of calories, due to its effect on thermogenesis.


1 glass of water;

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder;

1 green tea bag of your choice;

1 slice of pineapple.


Heat the water with cinnamon;

When the boil is over, dip the green tea bag and lower the heat;

Cook for another two minutes and remove from heat;

Cover and let stand for at least ten minutes;

After this period, remove the tea bag from the pot;

Put the infusion of green tea and cinnamon in the blender cup, along with the pineapple slice cut into pieces;

Mix until smooth and smooth;

Serve in a glass and consume immediately;

This drink can be taken up to twice a day.

This pineapple green tea juice can be enjoyed on a hot day as a refreshing drink. This simple and delicious recipe can also help improve digestion.

Pineapple Drink with Green Tea To Lose 5Kg in 7 Days!

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