Mix the Orange with Cinnamon That Way and Burn the Fat in 1 Week

Mix the Orange with Cinnamon That Way and Burn the Fat in 1 Week

Orange Recipe with Cinnamon to Burn Fat in 1 Week in a natural way and free of side effects. Also, forget about lemonade and even green tea! With the recipe we’re going to give you, you can lose those extra pounds with a nice flavor.

We all try any amount of “detoxifying” juices (detox juices) and flavored waters of various juices that promise to burn fat in a short time.

If these expensive and processed waters already tire you, learn from us and make your own personalized cinnamon water at home, to your liking. You will not be able to believe the results!

Cinnamon Orange Recipe to Burn Fat in 1 Week


Water: 2 liters;

Cinnamon: 2 sticks; 15 grams of powder;

Orange or lemon: 1 scrape.


Preparation is very simple.

It consists of mixing all the ingredients in a bottle that can be transported throughout the day and, thus, drink this pleasant combination.

The fact that our body needs a large intake of water to detoxify, cleanse and mobilize everything that happens in the body is not unknown. Lemon is known to be very good for the liver and cinnamon contains antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Bringing the two together, you can effectively rid the body of harmful toxins.

The specialists, after in-depth studies, revealed the enormous potential of cinnamon in relation to the process to which we refer in this article.


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This spice has great properties, which include:

Normalizes the values ​​of diabetes and cholesterol.

It is highly detoxifying to the blood, so it prevents heart disease.

It fights diseases like cancer and high blood pressure.

It speeds up the metabolism, processing the foods we eat faster.

Helps stimulation and brain work: improves memory and reasoning speed.

Remember to consult your doctor frequently, perform periodic examinations and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with physical exercise and a balanced diet. You should not consume cinnamon before surgery, during menstruation or in any situation of bleeding in which consumption should be avoided.

Mix the Orange with Cinnamon That Way and Burn the Fat in 1 Week

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