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Not only our environment and our nature are changing due to the different environmental influences. Even our largest organ is subject to these influences – our skin. Exhaust gases, sun and wind, but also much more from nature ensures that it ages and changes. Often you notice these changes because, in particular, the facial skin delivered to nature does not feel so tight anymore. Sometimes it also comes to blemishes and redness. Your face may feel dry, even burning or itching. Maybe she is also tense. However, the biggest problem that affects the women’s world in particular is the wrinkles that can develop over the years. For many, this is a sign of increased age, which is not the only reason for the changed appearance. In most cases, the women are affected. They usually have a different lifestyle, use more care products that can often irritate the facial skin, go under the sunbed or in the direct sun and use more makeup. NuHydrate Serum is more for the women’s world.

There are many ways to remedy these changes. Drugstores, pharmacies, health food stores, numerous Internet service providers and perfumeries offer different face masks, creams, ointments and gels. Cleaning products and tablets should also counteract the aging process. One of the products available on the market is called NuHydrate. It is a serum that is supposed to solve various problems. You will get more detailed information on this anti-aging serum and the experiences of NuHydrate here.

Our skin – What is it and how is it Structured?

As mentioned before, it is our largest organ. Roughly speaking, it is our shell. It encloses our skeleton, our bones and our organs. It should protect us. Therefore, it is very important to deal well with her and to take care of her very well. Because it stops as little as our internal organs before aging.

It is built up in several, three, layers. All have a different task and function. Translated into Greek, they are also called dermis.

The outermost skin is called epidermis, also called epidermis. That’s what we can see. This includes, for example, our cornea.

The second layer is the so-called dermis, the dermis. She is responsible for the supply of the epidermis. Here are the smallest blood vessels.

Finally, the subcutis, the subcutaneous tissue. It directly protects the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Below that we find our vital organs. So you can say – the dermis is a vital organ for us.

Our whole dermis fulfills various tasks and functions. With her, we perceive things. So she is a sensory organ. We recognize with it heat and cold and can differentiate between soft and hard and many other things.

We also feel pain when we cut or burn, for example.

Further, our interior is protected by them. Before many different influences from our environment. Sun, heat, cold and humidity. We do not chill but we do not overheat either because we’re sweating over the dermis.

Also protects against injuries and diseases of our dermis. Bacteria and viruses cannot penetrate easily.

Skin Aging – Why and why?

Our skin cells usually regenerate themselves. The aging process changes this. Not only the age itself, but also the external factors, such as environmental influences, ensure this.

The production of collagen is reduced, which is why the firm and elastic skin subsides. Our skin cells are no longer able to regenerate as often as necessary.

Our way of life and our nutrition also play a big and important role. For example, smokers or people who eat unhealthy foods usually have worse skin, as many toxins settle here.

Even too hot bathing can attack and dry our dermis. UV rays and make-up ensure that the pores in the facial skin clog.

The face often looks greasy and flaky due to the shed cells, which cannot regenerate themselves.

What many do not know. These aging processes of our complexion not only affect our visual appearance. They also carry a high risk. The risk of developing skin cancer. This too is a reason to counteract these processes. Of course, the NuHydrate effect cannot change a genetic predisposition, but skin aging can be easily reduced. Thanks to NuHydrate experience, there is now a cure with a product that can help quickly.

NuHydrate Serum – What Exactly is it?

This product is a spray. Thanks to the NuHydrate anti aging effect, it is a unique product that helps to counteract skin aging and rejuvenate. Skin conditioning and wrinkle reducing at the same time makes it so special. The simple NuHydrate application and the positive NuHydrate effect characterize the spray.

NuHydrate Ingredients – What exactly is in there?

The NuHydrate ingredients in this product are all natural and have a positive effect.

Hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, lemon extract and raspberry extract. Ascobium magnesium phosphate and diamond powder make it a truly natural and special skin care product. The NuHydrate anti aging effect is undisputed.

What are the effects of NuHydrate Ingredients?

First, the overall effect – the appearance is younger and the facial skin improves.

The process of aging is counteracted.

Wrinkles are reduced.

And this is how the individual NuHydrate ingredients work:

Hyaluronic Acid: Cushions the dermis from within, so to speak. Of course, the visual appearance is significantly improved. The face looks fuller and the dermis is more elastic and firmer. It is also often known as a moisture booster.

Lactic acid: counteracts irritation and binds the pores.

Diamond powder: Provides a good supply of oxygen to the dermis and stimulates our skin cells to renew. The skin looks even through this.

Ascobium Magnesium Phosphate: For faster and better wound healing

Lemon Extract : Cleans and counteracts bacteria

Raspberry Extract : Provides a slower aging

NuHydrate’s experience suggests that the effect is quite reliable and timely. You can quickly see good results and visible results. After 4 days, your face looks wrinkle-free and smoother.

The interaction of the positive NuHydrate ingredients makes this possible.

They simply make sure that the production of collagen is increased. This is a protein that makes the complexion look fuller without any major side effects and uplifting without any surgical intervention. This effect begins after just a few hours, but only becomes visible later.

Our skin is protected from drying out and is better supplied with blood. Sebum is produced only in moderation, which protects against impurities and pimples. Moisture is retained.

If you want to shine younger and healthier and you want a beautiful complexion, you should simply try this serum and you will not miss the NuHydrate anti aging effect.

Side effects of NuHydrate – what can happen?

Generally, no information is known here. So far, there are no NuHydrate experiences in which it comes to side effects. But every skin care product can of course cause an allergy or allergic reaction through its NuHydrate ingredients. This manifests itself mostly through an exciting feeling and a reddened skin. Please read through the ingredients beforehand if you have allergies. These are available in the NuHydrate serum but only very, very rarely.

So, if you want to reduce wrinkles, it’s an innovative product for women thanks to the simple NuHydrate application and fast NuHydrate action.

NuHydrate Application – How often and where?

The NuHydrate application is very simple. The serum is used as unproblematic as a cream. And even though it’s actually a spray.

The NuHydrate application runs as follows:

First of all, the face is thoroughly cleaned. As you always do. Whether with tonic or soap or of course without all products. The face should then only be spotted dry. Then it is applied to the face. It is best not to rub or massage, but rather to make gentle and gentle circular tapping movements.

The product should be used twice a day. Best in the morning and in the evening. So a protection of 24 hours is guaranteed and the effect, which not only improves the appearance, but can also have a skin-conditioning effect, also persists.

The skin care product can be used over a longer period of time without harming the face in any way. On the contrary: the NuHydrate effect with the NuHydrate anti aging effect can be maintained so well.

NuHydrate Experiences – What does the Women’s World Say?

As it is with almost all products, you will find different opinions and experiences. That’s a good thing, we are not all the same now.

In the various Internet forums, there are reports on almost all topics. Of course also to the NuHydrate anti aging product, which comes in a modern brown packaging and a white bottle with pump dispenser therefore.

Most of the experience I found was consistently positive. But I think a skin care product is always something very subjective and personal, because everyone has a different complexion with different problems that they want to work on. So you can generalize it so badly. If you would like to have a few reports with experience on the product before buying, you can easily click through the Internet and research.

 How much is it?

The bottle is available with a capacity of 50 ml at a price of $4.95. Certainly a proud price, but you can forgive thanks to the great effect and the wide range of applications.

Where do I get it from?

Unfortunately, NuHydrate has not yet arrived in brick-and-mortar stores. That means you do not get it in the pharmacy. Not even in the drugstore and in the perfumery or the health food store. But you can order it very easily and with a few clicks on the Internet.

Best right here:

You see – many women have one and the same problem. One maybe a bit more, the other a little less. The one earlier, the other later. At the age of 25, nature begins to change the appearance and appearance of our skin with its elasticity. Many women then become ashamed and may even think they look repugnant. Then, when the first wrinkles appear, it is immediately concealed with make-up. And that’s exactly what our dermis can do a lot more harm then. Some people may even encapsulate themselves at home, even if they are still young and did not expect an older complexion.

So do not be shy and inform yourself about good products that control the aging process. Find out about NuHydrate on the internet and read about NuHydrate experiences. Because one thing is certain – we are only as old as we feel!

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