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Nuallura is a topical acne Cream that contains 2 active ingredients – benzoyl peroxide and adapalene. The drug is available only on prescription. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the product should be used in the treatment of acne vulgaris, along with the occurrence of pimples, papules and blackheads.

Nuallura Composition

Adapalen , its action is based on gene extraction and mRNA synthesis. The ingredient helps reduce inflammatory changes – papules and pimples and prevents the formation of inflammatory processes associated with acne. The use of adapalene provides a local anti-inflammatory effect, which is even stronger than retinoids.

Benzoyl peroxide , its action takes place in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Its main action is to stop the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which are responsible for the formation of acne vulgaris. For this ingredient has a local antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrhoeic, exfoliating, dry and antipruritic effects.

Contraindications to the use of Nuallura

Do not use the gel in cases of sensitization or hypersensitivity to any of its components. The product cannot be used on damaged areas – abrasions, cuts, cracks, burns) including sunburns) as well as changes other than acne lesions. Nuallura should not be used in pregnant women.

Side effects Nuallura

Side effects do not occur in any case, but may be present. Among them, we distinguish irritation, over-drying, burning, erythema, excessive flaking of the skin, sunburn, itching of the skin, swelling of the eyelids, pressure in the throat, contact dermatitis, discomfort, burning pain.

The use of Nuallura

The Cream is applied directly to the skin. Follow the instructions on the package leaflet. Before applying the preparation, clean and dry the skin. The Cream is applied once a day, it is recommended to use in the evening. Apply a thin layer of the product to the affected areas. At the same time, avoid the area around the mouth and eyes. If irritation occurs, moisturizing creams or Cream may be applied less frequently than every day.

The effects of Nuallura use are usually seen from 1 to 4 weeks after the start of treatment. The length of treatment should be determined by a dermatologist.

Nuallura Price

The Nuallura Cream is available in pharmacies in two options – a 15 or 30 gram tube. The price of a smaller package is around PLN 40, and a larger PLN 80 (depending on the place where you buy the product).

Nuallura Reviews

I have been using Nuallura for some time and I am satisfied in part, because the severity of acne is really much smaller, but on the other hand, the drug causes very strong skin irritations. Despite the fact that the pustules are less, the skin is baked and red, the use is not pleasant, and without make-up does not look good. I tried to use a moisturizing cream as recommended by the manufacturer, but it does not help much. I do not know if acne will not get worse if I stop lubricating.

Kinga, Olsztyn

Nuallura is another drug prescribed to me by my dermatologist, I had a duac before, but the results were very poor. As for the Cream, the effects compared to the duac are much better, but unfortunately I am in the group of people who have side effects of use. The first effects, i.e. the disappearance of pustules, I observed after 2 weeks of use. The price is not too high, so generally this drug is recommended. It is a pity that you need a prescription, but you can see that the Cream is quite strong.

Beata, Torun

I have a problem with acne for almost a year. During this time, I tested various ointments, pills and prescription drugs for acne. From my own experience I can say that Nuallura is suitable for the treatment of quite advanced acne, copes well with pustules, but after discontinuing the Cream, unfortunately, acne returned. Now I am taking Regen A Cream and here there are no side effects, and the skin condition has improved, so if someone has a serious acne problem, I recommend it more.

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