Natural Vermifuge to Eliminate any Type of Parasite


Natural products found in the pantry of your home to help eliminate parasites

Several diseases are caused by worms and protozoa that enter the body through contaminated food and water.

The main means found for these worms and parasites to act are due to a low fiber diet and, especially, when there is poor digestion and an imbalance of the intestinal flora.

Some natural recipes may help to eliminate these worms and parasites present in the body.

1. Papaya seed juice

It’s very simple. Beat 1 tablespoon of papaya seeds in a blender with water. Beat for a few seconds, and then add some pieces of papaya and beat again until a homogeneous mixture is left.

The taste is a bit bitter, so if you prefer you can add some honey.

You drink this drink every night before sleeping for a week.

2. Castor oil and milk


Milk: 1 glass;

Castor oil: 2 teaspoons of tea.

Preparation Mode:

1. Mix all the ingredients.

2. Drink for a week before bedtime.

This powerful remedy cleanses the intestines and eliminates dead parasites and their eggs.

Eat yogurt or lactobacillus during treatment to protect the intestinal flora.

3. Lemon Seeds

Separate four lemon seeds and grind them well in a blender. Add a glass of water and drink it.

If you prefer, add a little lemon juice.

This treatment can be done up to 3 days and, at most, twice a day.

4. Avocado and lemon peel


Avocado peel: 1 unit;

Lemon peel: 1 unit;

Honey: to taste.

Preparation Mode:

  1. Wash the avocado and lemon peel well. It is preferable that they are organic.
  2. Wrap the avocado peel in a blender.
  3. Grate the lemon peel.
  4. Mix everything in equal parts.
  5. Add honey and stir well.

Take it shortly after doing so.

The best time for consumption is in the morning on an empty stomach.

  1. Onion water

This recipe is also indicated for cases of amoebas contamination.

Grab 1 onion and cut it into small pieces, put them in a glass bowl and add half a glass of water.

Let it rest overnight and early in the morning.

Drink for a month every morning. If you prefer, you can add 1 tablespoon of honey to sweeten.

They are simple and easy recipes with ingredients found at home. If you know someone who needs this help, be sure to share the tips!

Important:  The data presented on this site does not replace the consultation with a doctor. Therefore, before taking any, it is advisable to consult with a specialist if they are suitable for you.

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