Why do Mosquitoes Bite some People more than Others?


If you are one of the people who is always stung, find out what the reason is

Sometimes, you just feel more attacked by mosquitoes than others and wonder why this happens. Well, you should know that nobody is immune to mosquito bites and that it has nothing to do with the taste of your blood. Keep reading, and understand why mosquitoes bite some people more than others.

Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others?

Mosquitoes depend on stimuli to choose who to bite. They are attracted to the silhouette, movements and most importantly: the smell of the person.

For this type of insect, the hematophagous, that is, that feed on blood, the recognition of the victims, occurs through the antennas, where the odors of the person in question are processed. Some mosquito subspecies may even penetrate clothing, but they are less urban mosquitoes.

Every person’s smells differ in many different ways, and these are the reasons why mosquitoes bite some people more than others. The most common factors are:

Sweat and body temperature

The substances that are produced and expelled when a person is perspiring are very attractive to mosquitoes. Lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia are examples.

In addition to sweat, body temperature can also influence how attractive you are to mosquitoes. The increase in body temperature, whether through exercise, fever or heat stroke, makes it an attractive prey for them.

Amount of carbon dioxide (CO2)

This is a factor that will hardly be debatable: the amount of CO2 emitted by you compared to other people. With the exception of pregnant women, who exhale more CO2, it cannot be compared with that of other people.

Insects that feed on blood are attracted to the CO2 that people exhale while breathing. That is why it is common to hear the humming that mosquitoes make while you sleep, because that is when you exhale more CO2.

Types of bacteria present in the skin

Human skin has several bacteria on its surface and this is completely normal. But for mosquitoes, the more bacteria you have on your skin and the less diversity they have, the more attractive you will be.

Frequency of beer consumption

Some scholars correlate with the consumption of beer and how attractive you become to mosquitoes when you drink it. This may mean that people who consume beer can often become victims of mosquitoes more easily than those who do not drink.


During the gestation period, the woman’s body changes and this can contribute to the increase in bites. This is due to the fact that it exhales more carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes more and also to the increase in body temperature, which is also another attractive factor for insects.


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