Sleep Better – How MelaLuna Works! Six Best Tips for Better Sleep


Sleep well and sleep well – Six Best Tips for Better Sleep and More Energy

Why a good night’s sleep is so important to your health

Anyone who has ever suffered from sleep disorders himself knows from personal experience: the lack of restful sleep has a negative effect on many areas of life.

The nocturnal regeneration program is essential for efficiency and health.

During sleep, vital processes take place. In an ideal night’s sleep follows a relaxed deep sleep phase, a very active dream phase, in a period of about 90 minutes. In an adult, this alternate sequence should happen about four to six times a night.

In the deep sleep phases, the brain releases a growth hormone that stimulates the formation of new cells. These are needed for the healing of wounds, but also for the renewal of skin and organs.

Nerve cells are also being re-networked. The experiences of the day are stored permanently. Newly learned motor skills, such as playing an instrument, cycling or new dance steps are also internalized.

Even “slender in sleep” is only when it is deep and restful. This is because fat cells release the hormone leptin, which is important for weight loss.

In summary, healthy sleep can be said:

Creates new cells and renews skin and organs

✅Prolongs life expectancy

✅Provides a balanced hormonal balance

✅ Boosts fat burning

✅Increases performance

✅Helps learning motor skills

✅ Supports an emotional balance

How important a good and restful sleep for the health of body and mind is, therefore, completely out of the question? But sleep disorders are an increasingly common problem among Germans.

According to a health report from the health insurance DAK-Gesundheit, 8 out of 10 adults suffer from sleep problems.

Ascending trend!

Many resort to sleeping pills with questionable ingredients, which often negatively influence sleep patterns and can lead to dependency.

This is also different!

6 simple hacks for a good night’s sleep

1. Avoid blue light in the evening

It is now known that blue light is the biggest enemy of sleep.

Blue light means cold artificial light, which can be found in cell phones, laptops, but also in offices, hospitals, schools, production halls, and so on.

In nature, one finds mainly in the morning hours a high spectral share in the blue range. Evolutionary, our body has thus adapted – blue light makes us awake.

Therefore, it is absolutely sensible in rooms and activities in which energy and focus are required.

Only for our sleep it is unfavorable. Therefore, avoid blue light in the evening.

There are “Blue Light Blocker” apps for laptops and mobile phones , which switch to a warm color in the evening.

Apps like f.lux are free to download for PC and mobile phone.

For the living room or bedroom alternative light sources are suitable with warm, reddish light.

 2. Avoid stress in the evening

In today’s fast paced world, there are many sources of stress. But stress leads to the release of adrenaline and the so-called stress hormone cortical. Both awake, even if it is already time for the bed.

Evolutionary was once very important for survival. Nowadays, one is rarely hunted by a tiger and does not always have to be alert.

Therefore, as many stress sources as possible should be avoided in the evenings. Even using cell phones and laptops can be stressors. Therefore, you should limit the use in the evening. Especially the checking of emails and social media channels.

Even sports in the evening releases adrenaline and cortisol and should therefore be put on the morning.

3. Drink your coffee before 14:00

Coffee is a great way to boost your performance and can make your start to the day easier.

Especially as Bulletproof Coffee donates a lot of energy and mental focus.

So that your body can come to rest in the evening, you should not drink coffee from 14:00 clock. Or at least 8 hours before bedtime.

4. Sleep in a cool, quiet and dark environment

Although that sounds obvious at first glance, many of these conditions are not there.

Many sleep in a too warm room. 18 degrees is the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep.

In many bedrooms you will find a bright alarm clock, or too thin curtains. It is important that you eliminate any sources of light and sleep in absolute darkness.

If you have a glowing alarm clock, cover it up and invest in well-shaded curtains or a roller blind.

The ticking of a clock, the sound of cars on the street or the hum of a loudspeaker can have a negative effect on your sleep.

Remove all sources of noise in your bedroom and you should live on a busy street, reach for earplugs.

5. Take magnesium before going to bed

To be able to fall asleep well body and mind must be relaxed. Magnesium helps to relax, where it is the calming effect on the parasympathetic nervous system which is part of the autonomic nervous system.

This is responsible for the fact that after an effort we can get back into hibernation and recover.

Hiebei the heart rate decreases, the blood vessels expand, the digestion is back in motion and breathing slows down.

A magnesium deficiency can, among other things, lead to insomnia. A large part of the German population suffers from a shortage. Especially in ketosis you need more magnesium. Therefore you should supplement daily. We recommend taking about 400-800 mg of magnesium per day. Ideally just before bedtime.

You need a magnesium without unnecessary additives and in high bio availability?

6. Fast falling asleep with the sleep hormone MelaLuna

MelaLuna is the natural sleep hormone. On the one hand, humans can absorb it via their diet and, on the other hand, form it themselves.

Here, the light-dark rhythm of the day is crucial. With decreasing sun exposure, the body starts producing the hormone and slowly descends.

Due to the now ubiquitous artificial light, however, this rhythm is disturbed and many people do not naturally come to the necessary amount of MelaLuna, which is necessary for a restful sleep, as numerous studies prove.

Here, the SLEEP or the SLEEP MelaLuna SPRAY can be supportive.

Supplementing the endogenous hormone, for example, can make you fall asleep more quickly at night. This provides many consumers with a more restful sleep and thus more energy the next day.

You still need the right MelaLuna supplement?

We recommend:  MelaLuna

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