Meet This Powerful Tea To Fight Liquid Retention and Remove Belly Fat!


Tea To Fight Net Retention and Remove Belly Fat simply and 100% natural. In addition, combating fluid retention and removing belly fat is a challenge for many people today, there are many people who are seriously overweight, and although many people think that we are all concerned with this fact just by physical appearance, we are alerted by the series of diseases triggered by the accumulation of fats .

We have to find a way to reverse this condition that over the years has become increasingly common. One of the best home remedies to lose weight and detoxify the body is composed of apple and prepared as a tea easily and quickly.

But in addition to the presence of these peels, you need to use ginger , basil and cinnamon. All of these ingredients are special when it comes to losing weight, detoxifying the body and burning fat in short periods of time, as well as preventing and eliminating various mild and chronic illnesses.

Medicinal Properties of Ingredients:

Apple Peel:

They have the ability to stimulate fat burning and body cleansing in record time. From the same day of consumption of this Tea To Fight Net Retention and Remove Belly Fat , you will begin to lose weight, additionally increase muscle mass and give you energy to exercise and tone your body.


This food is special for absorbing the nutrients that all the foods we consume provide us. On the other hand, it is able to cleanse the arteries and detoxify the body thanks to its antibacterial qualities.


It regulates the levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides as well as speeds up the metabolic and digestive system, so it is highly recommended to lose those extra pounds.

It is very difficult to eliminate abdominal fat, but this Tea To Fight Net Retention and Remove Belly Fat works  miracles if you are constant in your consumption.

Tea To Fight Net Retention and Remove Belly Fat:


One liter of water;

Leaves of basil ;

Shells of two apples;

Four inches of ginger ;

Four cinnamon sticks .


Take a casserole, place over low heat and pour the water with the apple peel, the ginger  into small pieces and the cinnamon ;

Wait for the water to boil and let each ingredient rest for 15 minutes, so that its properties are unified and potentiate the effect of the medicine, 2 minutes before the end of the rest period on low heat, add the basil leaves to later pour the liquid in a glass container with airtight cap.

This Tea To Fight Net Retention and Remove Belly Fat  should be consumed fasting and half an hour before each meal until your weight has been fully regulated and your health improves significantly. You should be consistent with this treatment so that the effects are noticed at the right time, which usually happens after the first week.

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