Mastoiditis – What It Is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Mastoiditis – What is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of this condition. In addition, mastoiditis  is an inflammation of the mastoid bone, which is located in the prominence behind the ear , and is more common in children under 2 years old, although it can reach people of all age groups.

Inflammation usually  occurs due to a complication of otitis media, when the microorganisms that cause the infection spread beyond the ear  and reach the bone.

Mastoid infection causes intense inflammation  in the bone, which causes redness, swelling and pain around the ear , as well as fever and discharge of purulent discharge.

In the case of symptoms indicating inflammation , evaluation by the general practitioner or otorhin is necessary for antibiotic treatment to be started as soon as possible, avoiding complications such as abscess formation and bone destruction.

What is Mastoiditis?

It is an unusual bacterial infection of the mastoid bone behind the ear . It is usually seen in children, although adults can sometimes be affected.

The mastoid bone has a honeycomb structure – it contains air spaces, called mastoid cells, which help maintain air space in the  middle ear (see photo, left).

The mastoiditis  can develop when the mastoid cells become infected or inflamed, often as a result of infection ear  persistent medium. This can cause the porous bone to break.


Causes of Mastoiditis:

In some cases, mastitis  can be caused by hearing trauma or sepsis. The causative agents of Mastoiditis  may be the same bacteria that causes otitis media – staphylococci, streptococci, various viruses and fungi. This disease  is contagious and pathogenic microorganisms – pathogens enter the outside body.

Another reason may be different negative factors that weaken the protective forces of the human body.

It is impossible to start this disease because complications can appear in the mastoid process, which approximate the cranial nerves and the temporal bone structure. It is important to know that Mastoiditis  can cause dangerous diseases such as petrositis ( inflammation  of the temporal bone), meningitis ( inflammation  of the meninges), cystic process,  marked inflammation of the  inner ear , damage to the auditory ossicles.

Mastoiditis Symptoms:

The most common symptoms of a mastitis  include:

Persistent throbbing pain in the ear  and around the ear ;

Redness and swelling in the region behind the ear ;

A lump-like lump behind the ear that can be confused with other causes. Learn what are the main causes of lump behind the ear ;


Yellowish discharge from the ear ;

There may be a gradual decrease in hearing capacity, both due to the accumulation of secretion, as well as the impairment of the eardrum and other structures responsible for hearing.

The mastoiditis  acute is the most common form of presentation, however, also develop the chronic form, which has a slower evolution and with milder symptoms.

To confirm the diagnosis, the physician should evaluate the symptoms, examine the ear  and, if necessary, order imaging such as radiography or computed tomography. In addition, to identify the bacteria causing the infection, ear secretion samples may be collected .

Treatments For Mastoiditis:

After confirming the diagnosis, a complex treatment is prescribed, which should be started immediately. The method of treatment depends on the degree of the disease . It may consist of medication or surgical treatment.

At the heart of the treatment is the use of antibacterial drugs and pus cleansing outbreaks in the process of eardrum and mastoid. To prevent the disease , you need time and proper treatment of otitis media so that there are no complications. Carefully take care of your health!

Possible Complications of Mastoiditis:

A mastoiditis  very low or treated incorrectly may cause:


Meningitis ;

Brain abscesses;

Disseminated blood infection known as sepsis.

When it causes complications, it means that Mastoiditis  is very serious and needs prompt treatment at the hospital level, otherwise it may even cause death .

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