Man Dies when he was Asking his Girlfriend for Marriage


The story of this man is going viral and is exciting Internet users

The moment of the marriage request is one of the most beautiful days that a couple can live. Due to the ingenuity of some men for surprising their girlfriends, the ways in which they ask her to marry them are becoming more and more bizarre. But care must be taken so that they do not end in misfortune. An example is that of the man who dies when he was asking his girlfriend for marriage.

He dies when he was asking his girlfriend for marriage

Steven Weber dies when he was asking his girlfriend in Tanzania for marriage. What was going to be one of the most incredible days of his life and that of his partner, ended up in a terrible couple. This is how Kenesha Antoine tells it in a Facebook post.

While on vacation at a resort, Steven had the idea of ​​asking his beloved to marry underwater. However, he never got to know the answer since he drowned.

In Kenesha’s publication you can see the illusion of both when you see the three-story cabin in which they were going to dive into Pemba Island, located in the Zanzibar archipelago.

Inside one of the rooms you can see how through the window Steven asks his girlfriend to marry on a sheet on which it was written; «I don’t have enough encouragement to tell you how much I love you, but I adore everything in you, I adore it more every day that passes. Can you please be my wife? Will you marry me?

After that, he taught her in an engagement ring while the bride smiled happily. However, unfortunately, Steven dies when he was asking his girlfriend for marriage without knowing the answer because he drowned.

On the social network, Kenesha wrote: «You never got out of that depth, so you never heard my answer. Yes Yes Yes! A million times I do want to marry you ». She also wrote, “I will find you in another life and I will marry you … I love you and I will always love you.”

What happened to the body

Mandy Hoffman, the deceased’s sister, told CNN that, for the moment, the family has not yet contacted the authorities of the African country. «We only know that he drowned. However, we do not know in what circumstances. He dived to make the request for marriage, but never appeared again.

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