Man Dies at Home and the Body is there for 8 Years


No one noticed the lack of German during all that time

When people reach old age, one of the problems they may face is loneliness. In these cases, if something happens to them, almost nobody finds out. To avoid such situations, in some countries they are already implementing senior cohousing. Unfortunately, a German citizen suffered the effects of loneliness to the point that he dies at home and the body is there for 8 years without anyone noticing.

A German dies at home and the body is in the house for 8 years

It may seem incredible, but it is true. A baker who had already retired dies at home and the body is in the house for 8 years without anyone noticing. The remains of Heinz H. found them after a fire. In his home in the town of Senden, Germany, was also the body of his dog. It follows that he died of hunger after the death of its owner.

When the fire broke out in the building, firefighters collapsed the door of Heinz H.’s house to evacuate all the people who might have been trapped inside their homes. It was then that they saw the remains of man.

It should be noted that this mailbox was full of letters. In addition, his vehicle was parked in front of the block of houses where he lived. Also, no one had seen him since 2011. But nobody cared about him.

The tenant continued paying the rent every month

Although he dies at home and the body is in the house for 8 years, the owner of the apartment says that Heinz H. continued to religiously pay the rent every month. The explanation is that the man had placed the automatic direct debit and since the authorities had not been informed that he was dead, he was still receiving the pension.

It should be noted that the neighbors felt a strange smell that emanated from the house of the Lord. And, moreover, according to the Bild newspaper, her neighbor Angelika said something was wrong, but nobody paid attention.

As Angelika came to declare, «I used to see him walk his dog when he was with my children. They loved Heinz’s puppy ». She also commented that the man had no contact with his family and that he had to leave his job because of an allergy.

Although this neighbor called the police, when the officers appeared they said there was no strange stench. In fact, they left the building when another neighbor said that Heinz no longer lived there.

Final tip:

If you know that there is an older person who lives alone and you stop seeing her regularly, report it! If you see that the agents ignore you, insist. You should know that this is not the first case in which a dead individual is found in his home after several years.

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