Losna Tea – What It Is, Benefits and How to Use


Losna Tea – What it is, Benefits and How to Use all the properties of this plant that cures various diseases. In addition, wormwood ( Artemisia absinthium ) is a medicinal herb also known as wormwood, bellweed, alenjo, santa daisy, wormwood and weed.

There are records indicating that wormwood has been used for thousands of years because of its medicinal properties.

In ancient Greece, it was used as a way of honoring the goddess Artemis; Today, it is used in the manufacture of the absinthe alcoholic beverage and a tea can be made that offers various benefits of the plant.

Losna Tea Benefits:

Assists in the treatment of anemias ;

Activates blood circulation ;

Relieves heartburn and dyspepsia;

Relieves intestinal cramps, also cleanses and normalizes stomach function;

Helps in the treatment of the kidneys, bladder and lungs;

It alleviates difficult and painful periods, also regularizes the menstrual cycle;

Also good for: neuralgia, bad breath, constipation, vomiting, repelling lice, liver failure, etc .;

Acts as a stimulant of appetite and digestion , proving useful for anorexia treatments and similar conditions;


Losna Tea Recipe:


Add 20 grams of leaves;

1 liter of hot water;

Method of preparation:

Infusing (letting stand for 10 minutes);

Have a cup of tea before every main meal to achieve its effects (2 cups a day);


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