Leave your Pillows like new! Remove all Dirt and leave them well White


Learn step by step how to clean your pillows and leave them as new

Sweat, saliva, the passage of time, tears, nothing worse for your pillows. Over time, they begin to turn yellow, with some imperfections and are not pleasant. What to do to return the initial color and leave them as new?

Of course, there is always the drastic option that spoils the fabric and fills your biggest bed partner with chemicals, but why not choose a natural solution?

How to rinse pillows – Natural recipe

Instead of poisoning yourself by vacuuming the chemicals used in washing, follow this easy and effective recipe. You are also helping the planet, without throwing even more biodegradable and polluting products.

Necessary material:

2 packages of baking soda

250 ml of alcohol vinegar

Enough vinegar for your washer tray

Soothing essential oil (optional)

Way of preparation:

1. Washing

Remove the pillowcase to wash it with the rest of the bedding.

Check the label if your pillow is really washable. Look at the label that is sewn to the side: Nasa style latex and pillows cannot be washed with hot water.

If you have a hot water machine, set it to 40 degrees.

Rinse twice to make sure there is no residue left in the pillow.

Program the slowest spin for delicate items.

Remember to set the maximum soak time.

On the soap tray, place two packages of baking soda.

In the softener tray, pour the vinegar to the indicated level.

Pour 250 ml. of alcohol vinegar directly on the pillows inside the machine.

Start the start.

2. Drying

Remove the pillows from the machine as soon as the washing is finished.

Always extend the pillows horizontally and well supported. If you hang them by the ends with a clamp, you can deform the pillow.

You can hang them on a clothesline on the floor.

Let the sun in a lot.

As they dry, adjust the filling.

Super easy, right? Vinegar and baking soda are excellent antibacterials and antifungals. Together they are perfect for clearing white parts and revitalizing those of color.

You can also add a few drops of soothing essential oil, such as lavender to leave your pillows, in addition to white, well scented.

A wonderful night of sleep awaits you! Share your comments here!


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