Learn to Use Guava and Its Leaves to Fight Diabetes, Cure Colitis, Asthma, Gout, Colds, and More!


Learn to Use Guava and Its Leaves to Fight Diabetes, Cure Colitis, Asthma, Gout and Colds, and more, check it out. In addition, natural medicine has a lot of power these days, because it is totally amazing and wonderful how worth a few ingredients that can cure various diseases.

The fruit has several health benefits, but its leaves are also capable of curing diabetes , colitis, asthma and many other conditions that can threaten good health.

Medicinal Properties of Goiaba:

The Guava is a fruit that grows in warm climates, its leaves are elliptical and its flavor can vary between sour and sweet. Among its medicinal properties, we talk about the high content of potassium that acts quickly to alkalize the body and prevent cancer .

In addition, the fruit is also made up of lots of fiber, antioxidant properties, vitamin C and provitamin A, responsible for protecting the skin. Now,  Learn to Use Guava and Its Leaves to Fight Diabetes, Cure Colitis, Asthma, Gout, Colds, and More!

Homemade Remedies You Can Use With Guava:

Infusion with Leaves of the Fruit for Odors:

Boil 10 leaves of the fruit in a pan and let it stand for 10 minutes. After that time, you let the medicine cool naturally. This recipe is used to combat bad odors.

Juice of Guava To Elevate the Platelets:

Fruit juice is widely used to raise our body’s platelets, you only have to beat 3 guavas , pour into your glass, add a little honey to taste and consume immediately.

Juice of Guava and Orange to Lose Weight:

Mix the fruit juice and orange in the blender, allow to mix well for at least 10 minutes and then put the liquid into a glass and drink immediately on an empty stomach and before each meal to lose weight.

Infusion with Guava Leaves to Fight Dengue:

Put to boil a quart of water and add 5 guava leaves , cook for 10 minutes and then place the preparation in a glass jar. Wait until you get a room temperature and drink during your day. This infusion is special to combat dengue .

Guava Leaf Mask To Fight Acne:

Beat a few leaves of the fruit with a little water , the result of this mixture that you put on the face will combat acne .

Macerating Goias for Diabetes:

This method should be used when you have problems related to diabetes . You have to leave 2 guavas kneaded in a liter of water for a whole day in the refrigerator, the next morning you can start drinking this liquid every day in the morning.

Guava Juice and Other Ingredients:

Mix 5 guavas , juice of two oranges , 1 small onion, three lemons, one grapefruit and half a glass of water . Once all these components are unified, you will boost the immune system .

Beat Guava and Orange Juice to Fight Triglycerides:

Mix half the fruit and juice of half orange , consume the concentrate every day in fasting to fight the triglycerides.


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