Know the main Treatments for Cold Sores


It is not always necessary to treat herpes so that they disappear, but there are effective medications

According to Dr. John , cold sores is an infectious disease caused by the human herpes simplex virus type 1 that has symptoms not only on the lips but also inside the mouth and around it, the nose and eyes. It is a common infection in people of all ages, even in babies who generally take everything in their mouths or get the virus when they receive kisses from infected people. See what are the treatments for cold sores.

Treatments for cold sores

Cold sores show their symptoms starting with a slight tingling in the lips, with a slight burning. The next day, small bubbles appear with a clear liquid inside. When they burst, they become sores that naturally begin to heal.

Treatments for cold sores are not always necessary since the ulcers disappear on their own as soon as the person’s body recovers from the reason the lesions appeared. But there are very effective treatments to reduce the duration of wounds by up to 5 days, which, of course, can take a week or a little more, depending on the person’s health condition.

Antiviral medications

Antiviral medications can be in the form of tablets or ointments and should be prescribed by the doctor, at least the first time when the person does not yet know how to treat them. Even because the most annoying symptoms usually appear only the first time. Then, next time, the tendency is for wounds to be less intense and heal faster.

Good personal hygiene

In addition to the anti-virus medicine, home treatment consists of penalties for maintaining good personal hygiene to avoid transmitting the virus to other people as it can be transmitted by contact with infected personal objects.

Healthy nutrition

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet is also very important to prevent a new crisis from occurring because the virus usually manifests itself every time the immune system weakens. Therefore, it is important to be careful in the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, meat, eggs, dairy products, seeds and whole grains in a very varied way, and avoid the industrialized ones that do not offer nutritional value to the organism.

How does the transmission occur?

Type 1 human herpes is a virus that usually affects people in childhood, either by contact with infected materials because the little ones are all taken to the mouth or by infected people who kiss children.

Even if the sores are not active, that is, even without knowing that you have herpes, the person can transmit it. Therefore, you should not kiss small children on the face or hands as they are taken to the mouth all the time.

The virus can also be transmitted in adulthood through direct contact with infected personal effects or by the infected person through kisses or oral sex. If the person has the genital herpes virus and practices oral sex, it can infect the other person’s mouth and the virus will become cold sores since both are of the same type of virus.

Do you have a cure?

No, cold sores have no cure because once infected, the person keeps the virus asleep in his body forever. However, you can fall asleep without causing any health problems without symptoms.

Only when a person hurts his lips or goes through a situation that leaves his immune system compromised, can the sores reappear. However, they disappear on their own in a few days, even without using medications.

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