It is Possible to be Fit after your 50th Birthday


Doing sports is always a good option to stay healthy

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the conditions that most help people gain weight. This situation is increasing over the years. In some cases because people have other health problems or because they resign and think that they will no longer lose weight. But you should know that it is possible to be fit after your 50th birthday.

Why is it possible to be fit after turning 50?

Although it may seem incredible, being fit after your 50th birthday is possible according to research published in The Lancet.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed people who had played sports during their lifetime before they turned 50. Also, others who only started physical activity after that age. In this way, they wanted to see if the second group could achieve a sporting performance and musculoskeletal characteristics like those of the first.

The research involved adults of between 70 and 80 people. Everyone had to do weight training. Both before and after exercising they were evaluating the musculoskeletal characteristics. The data showed that those who had always played sports and those who had started after 50 developed the same muscles when exercising.

However, where the difference could be seen is that the adults who had trained always had less body fat and more lean mass in the legs, in relation to sedentary veterans.

In the words of David Curto, family doctor and head of healthcare management at Sanitas Mayores, “when we reach forty, bone loss begins, a process that in women is accelerated due to menopause. As we blow candles, from that age the bones lose flexibility, resistance and modeling ability, and osteoporosis appears, a disease that will cause, in case of any bruising, the chances of fracture increase. Something similar happens with the musculature. If there is no stimulus for exercise, sarcopenia can occur in the elderly; that is, the degenerative loss of muscle mass, which causes a weakness that can affect the person in the form of loss of strength, balance and falls ». It should be noted that these words were collected by the newspaper NY Times .

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Final tip:

Although it is possible to be fit after your 50th birthday, it is advisable to start playing sports from an early age. Depending on the age and physical condition of the person, it will be more advisable to do a physical activity or another. However, physical activity reduces the possibility of suffering many diseases.

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