Ischemia: What it is and Symptoms


A singer suffered a picture of this disease in a live program in Argentina

Ischemia refers to a stroke. This health problem can also be called an ischemic stroke or stroke. This occurs when there is an obstruction in the arteries that does not allow oxygen and blood to reach various parts of the brain.

Symptoms of ischemia

It is very important to act quickly before an attack of ischemia because, on the one hand this can leave very serious consequences in the person. On the other, it can even end the patient’s life.

It should be taken into account that symptoms may arise gradually or suddenly.

  • Vahido
  • Trouble swallowing, walking or seeing
  • Difficulties to articulate word
  • Weakness
  • Numbness of some side of the body
  • Crooked mouth
  • Loss of motor coordination
  • Loss of strength of the muscles of the face
  • Strong and intense migraines

Any person, regardless of age or gender, may suffer from ischemia, unfortunately. It is true that there are some factors that increase the chances of suffering from it.

Tomography and magnetic resonance imaging are the tests that are usually done to diagnose ischemia. It should be noted that the first test allows detecting whether blood flow arrest has occurred.

Thrombolytic drugs are supplied in these cases to dissolve blood clots and thus help the blood to circulate normally again.

Daniela Perez suffered an attack on a live show

Singer Daniela Perez suffered a live ischemia while on the ‘Intruders’ program of the América Tv channel, on television in Argentina. In the broadcast it was possible to see how the singer begins to feel bad until the moment she passed out.

Daniela came to tell the presenter that she was not well, that she had palpitations and wanted to leave the set. However, when he went to get up, he suffered a unit. Since the program was live, all viewers could see what happened and soon the scene was broadcast on different social networks.

According to program sources, Daniela had an ischemia. The latest information that is known is that the singer is recovering, while still undergoing several tests and has a numb arm.

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