Is Sleeping with Wet Hair Bad?

Is Sleeping with Wet Hair Bad

If you have this habit, see why you should stop doing it immediately

Popular wisdom says that sleeping with wet hair is bad, and it makes sense. First of all, just do the test to realize that it is not good to wet the entire pillow with the water it absorbs from the hair. Secondly, the feeling of lying in bed with wet hair is very uncomfortable. As for health, is it bad? Find out.

Is sleeping with wet hair bad or not?

Yes, it is true that sleeping with wet hair is bad for you in many ways, for example:

Cause headache

If you are predisposed to headaches, keep in mind that going to bed with wet hair increases the risk of migraines, since the wet head changes body temperature and hinders blood circulation in the area, creating tension and, therefore, pain.

It harms the dream

For the same reason that sleeping with wet hair increases the risk of headache, it also interrupts sleep, since the body knows that there is a temperature imbalance that prevents it from sleeping deeply and resting really.

Causes dandruff and inflammation in the scalp

Excess moisture is bad, always. Either on the skin or in the hair. When the scalp spends many hours wet, it is conducive to the development of fungi and diseases that cause inflammation. The dander is also developed that can occur due to fungi or because the skin fails leather drying process that naturally necessary to maintain healthy hair.

Increase oiliness

The scalp naturally produces a sebum that protects against everyday pollutants, but only in the optimal amount. For this, the skin of this part of the body must be dry enough, that is, neither dry nor moist. Otherwise, the pH of the scalp will be unbalanced and this sebum will be produced in excess. The result will be greasy and sticky hair that, in addition to leaving a dirty appearance, can become skin conditions and leave hair weak and brittle.

Leave the damaged strands

The same dry-wet balance rule that applies to the scalp, applies to hair strands, since they are part of the same system. So, if yours gets wet for many hours, the scalp will not be able to nourish it with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, nor will it protect it with the ideal amount of natural sebum. You will soon realize that sleeping with wet hair will result in weak, dull and brittle strands.

What to do to avoid sleeping with wet hair?

It takes a few hours for your hair to dry naturally, and even more so if it’s night when you can’t count on the help of the sun. Therefore, the best solutions are the following:

Always wash your hair until the end of the afternoon, in case you want to let it dry naturally.

If you have to wash your hair at night, apply a thermal protector after shampooing and dry it with the dryer until it is completely dry.

Wash your hair the next morning.

Is Sleeping with Wet Hair Bad_

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