Simple Ingredients Promise to end the Pain in the Spine and Joints


The recipe must be made for 30 days and taken on an empty stomach.

As the years go by and people get older, there are organs and parts of the body that should be given more attention. The recommendation to follow a healthy diet and take care of weight is constant, especially to prevent cardiovascular diseases. What cannot happen is to worry only about nutrition and forget about taking care of the important mechanisms that are also very affected by constant work over the years, such as the knees, joints and spine.

There is a recipe that works in the prevention and treatment of pain and that in only 30 days you can already notice the improvement of symptoms. The basis of this advice is that gelatin, which contains a high degree of collagen. It not only strengthens the joints, but also strengthens cardiovascular function, activates metabolism, brain efficiency and prevents complications such as osteoporosis and arthritis. In addition to all this, it improves the elasticity of the skin.

Write down!

Colorless jelly : 2 teaspoons of tea (5 grams);

Ice water: ¼ cup of tea.

Preparation Mode:

Pour the jelly in a glass of ice water, mix well and let stand until the next day without cooling. The jelly expands and gains the consistency of the jelly. When you wake up, eat half of the recipe on an empty stomach. It can be pure, sweetened with honey or mixed with freshly made fresh lemon juice. Whatever is left, you must put it in the fridge to keep the mixture and drink it at night.

This routine should be followed only for 30 days. If you wish to restart the intake of this compound, wait 6 months before repeating the entire operation. Try the solution and comment what you think.

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