If You Eat 2 BANANAS PER DAY For 1 month , this will bring numerous benefits to our health. In addition, the banana is delicious, but its forte is not just the taste.

It is very medicinal and can cure some health problems better than certain medicines sold in pharmacies.

Its power is due to large amount of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. So it is very good for your health to eat this fruit every day.

And do not need too many bananas. It is enough for you to develop the habit of eating two bananas every day for good things to happen in your body.

The fruit is rich in various nutrients that make good human health, such as fiber , potassium , vitamins A , C, B1 and B2, in addition to calcium , magnesium , folic acid and iron .

It is no wonder that it is responsible for providing innumerable benefits to our body and mind. So See What Will Happen If You Eat 2 BANANAS A DAY FOR 1 MONTH.

1. Reduce Stress Level:

Eating two bananas a day will allow us to reduce stress levels and lift mood. The bananas contain tryptophan, a substance that our body needs to produce serotonin, known as happiness hormone.

2. Treat Anemia:

The fruit provides the body with the necessary iron , increasing the blood supply, as it stimulates the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

In addition to all these benefits, bananas are also rich in vitamin B , which calms the nervous system, relaxes the body and mind, and relieves stress.

3. Reduce Overweight:

The bananas are able to reduce overweight thanks to its high content of fiber , which makes you stay satiated longer.

4. Combat Azia:

The bananas act as antacids, relieving acid reflux and heartburn , and all related unpleasant symptoms.

Only one banana is able to provide immediate results in case of heartburn . They also help against constipation , as its rich fiber content leads to regular bowel movements.

5. Increase Energy:

Eating one or two bananas before the daily workout will ensure the energy needed for up to 1 hour.


In addition, they are rich in minerals, vitamins , and have high amounts of potassium and low glycemic index, which will increase their stamina and prevent muscle cramps.

6. Control Body Temperature:

The bananas are able to regulate efficiently the body temperature and are extremely useful in case of fever .

7. Combat Depression:

Tryptophan is one of the ingredients of banana that, when it enters the body, is transformed into serotonin, which is a cerebral neurotransmitter. This leads to improved relaxation and mood, helping in cases of depression .

8. Combat Vitamin Deficiency:

The bananas are a type of food rich in vitamin B6 . One banana contains 20% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin B6 .

Thanks to this vitamin , the body can produce the insulin, hemoglobin and amino acids needed to create healthy cells.

9. Reduce Blood Pressure:

The bananas can effectively reduce high blood pressure and prevent heart attacks and strokes, because they reduce the sodium . And potassium helps promote heart health.

10. Treat Ulcer:

The fruit is excellent for stomach ulcers because they do not cause pain and its smooth texture helps to cover the lining of the stomach . Thus, they avoid corrosion and corrosive acids.

The content of this article has been extracted from the site healthbeautyfacts.com which is an information site about healthy weight loss and various health tips.


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