If Alert, Many Things that Happen Would not Happen


Being obsessed with things can also be bad

It is normal to have concerns. Some people do not know if they will reach the end of the month. Others are restless in case they will have an accident while driving, and others in case they will be bitten by an insect. The mind plays a very important role in this aspect. However, many things that happen would not happen if individuals were alert.

Many things that happen would not happen if people were attentive

Experts in psychology have shown that it is relevant to be alert to things. However, this does not imply that you have to become obsessed since such a state can lead the person to enter a state of anxiety and / or depression.

Yes, it is clear that worrying is something inherent in people. It is a way of having another option in case something fails us. However, an investigation by the Pennsylvania State University has revealed that 91% of people’s concerns do not occur.

It should be noted that 30 people with anxiety participated in the study. They wrote down on paper all that distressed them for 30 days. After that time, some of the individuals realized that not one of their concerns occurred.

With this test, what was intended to teach is that the fear of people in the short term is invalid. Consequently, anxiety decreases and the quality of life improves.

That said, then how do you explain that many things that happen would not happen if people were alert. Well, because people care too much about things they shouldn’t. That makes them unhappy, they get into a vicious circle that only hurts them. The dean of the Faculty of Psychology of Granada, Francisca Expósito, has declared in El País that “the important thing is not so much to worry, but to take care.

In other words, what the doctor means is that you have to relativize and realize what is really important and stop worrying about what is not. Ending that burden will be very beneficial for people’s minds and happiness.


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