Hypothermia – What It Is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Hypothermia – What is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of this condition. In addition,  hypothermia is a problem characterized by the drop in the normal temperature of the  human organism . The  human body , which lives healthy at 37ºC, suffers from the problem when the temperature is below 35ºC.

The sudden drop in temperature causes the person to have contractions in blood vessels and shivering throughout the body . The Hypothermia  may be caused by intense exposure to cold  when there is body heat, long exposure to the wind cold  and rainy and contact with water  cold.

This problem can also be caused by malnutrition, some form of heart disease , low thyroid activity and even excessive alcohol consumption.

What is hypothermia?

The Hypothermia  is characterized by loss of normal temperature body which is 37 ° C to below 35 ° C.

This sensation causes the individual to shiver due to blood vessel contractions, which attempt to decrease heat loss throughout the body , thus keeping the body  at a normal temperature.

Causes of Hypothermia:

The major cause of the disease  is intense exposure to cold without appropriate clothing or full or partial immersion in frozen water . However, there are other causes for the problem, as well as risk groups more likely to contract the disease :

Children and the elderly, because their bodies do not have the ability to maintain body temperature stabilized;

People with mental illnesses;

People with alcohol and / or drug problems;

Some medications like antidepressants and sedatives.

Certain diseases  and conditions may also cause hypothermia :


Spinal cord injuries;



disease  of Parkinson’s ;


Hypothermia Symptoms:

The most common symptoms of this condition are tremors, cooling hands and feet, numbness in the limbs, low energy, difficulty breathing, slow pulse, swelling in the face, loss of bladder control.

In more advanced stages hypothermia  causes memory loss, loss of upper and lower limb control, loss of sensation, loss of pulse and dilated pupils.


Treatments For Hypothermia:

This condition needs medical attention and treatment consists of:

Hot fluids;

Saline solution injected into the vein;

Rewarming of the blood ;

Reheating of the body through masks and nasal tubes.

How to Prevent Hypothermia:

By adapting the following practices to your daily life, it is much easier to prevent the problem:

Wear appropriate clothing on cold days ;

Protect the head as about 20% of body heat is lost through it;

If your clothes are wet, remove them immediately;

Perform physical activities, as body movements help the blood  circulate throughout the body , reducing its contraction.


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