How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean the Ear


If you use hydrogen peroxide to discolor your hair but don’t know what else it is for, find out now.

Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is a product well known for many purposes. However, when it comes to using it for health, there are questions that must be taken into account. If you use hydrogen peroxide to clean the rust, for example, it doesn’t hurt and it can be used, but carefully. Here is how to apply it, what effect it has and other uses of this product.

How to use hydrogen peroxide to clean the ear?

The reason for using oxygen water to clean the ear is to help with healing and disinfecting wounds or to relieve minor pain. It should not be placed in large quantities with the intention of removing the wax.

If there is an excess of wax, the otolaryngologist should be sought to eliminate it and discover the cause of the problem. This is because earwax is a protection for the ear and, if removed too much, it can end up causing a serious infection.

Then, to apply the hydrogen peroxide in the ear, half a cup of water must be heated. It should hardly be temperate. Then, fill the cup with hydrogen peroxide. You should put the mixture in a dropper or syringe without a needle.

The person should lie on their stomach, then apply a few drops in the ear, leaving on for up to 5 minutes. To remove, it must be turned to the other side, so that the liquid comes out. It will be ready. This process should be done sporadically, not every day.

Benefits of hydrogen peroxide

Being a bactericidal and antiseptic product, hydrogen peroxide has the main benefit of promoting cleaning and disinfection. Thus, it has the following benefits:

1. Antifungal

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to eliminate fungi such as chilblains. It can be used by soaking the feet in a solution with half normal water and half hydrogen peroxide, leaving it on for 15 minutes. Afterwards, it should dry very well.

2. Disinfection of wounds

Whether in the skin or mucous membranes, such as inside the mouth or throat, hydrogen peroxide mixed with common water helps to disinfect and heal wounds and irritations. But the most important thing is that it should never be swallowed, only used to rinse your mouth or gargle, and then spit it out. If you are going to use it on the skin, simply apply it with a cotton ball over the wound and let it dry.

3. Skin cleansing

Not only to help disinfect and heal wounds, hydrogen peroxide can also be applied to remove skin imperfections and reduce the effect of acne along with the right products for each type of dermis. Before using it, consult a dermatologist.

Other uses of hydrogen peroxide

In addition to this use for ear cleaning, hydrogen peroxide also serves many other things such as instrument sterilization, since it is bactericidal in household cleaning to kill mold, remove rust and blood stains. the clothes. Another very popular use of hydrogen peroxide is to bleach hair.

Therefore, it is a safe product because it is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. However, it should still be used with care, without excess and with gloves. Excessive application or of a water containing more than 10 volumes may cause skin irritation. Similarly, special care should be taken when mixing it with other substances.

Important:  Keep in mind that the data presented in this article does not replace the opinion of a professional. Always visit a doctor before implementing any treatment.

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