How to Tighten the Sliding Glasses


Learn five different ways to adjust your lenses

Nothing more irritating and uncomfortable than a pair of glasses that fall through your nose or twist. Learn how to tighten the glasses to end these problems.

Using the glasses in the correct position is essential for the angle of the lens to work properly, thus preventing future problems, as well as increasing their efficiency. Sunglasses should also fit well on the face to prevent them from falling and spoiling.

5 Tips to tighten your glasses and prevent them from falling out

Read the step by step how to tighten your glasses at home if you can’t afford to go to a store at that time. Keep in mind that many opticians offer this service for free, but it costs nothing to know other ways.

1. Adjust manually

This step by step is given by an area professional who teaches how to adjust the rods so that the lenses do not fall and cause a headache when pressing sensitive areas behind the ear.

How to do it:

  • Stretch the curve of the glass rods so that they are straight
  • Put them on the face and see what is the sensitive point behind the ear that can not be pressed
  • Mark the height of the beginning of the hair and pull
  • Hold tight with your hands and fold inwards with your thumbs
  • Adjust a little down so that it follows the curve in the hair
  • Now just test and adjust if necessary

2. With an elastic hair

Another way to adjust your glasses quickly and conveniently if you do not have time to go to the optician to make the final adjustment, is by using hair bands. You will need those that are smooth and finer; these will be trapped at the tip, hidden behind the ears.

Grab the elastic band and start winding it at the end of the bar, just around the curve

Do not let one go around the other, but next to the other

Put the glasses on your face and push the elastic until they are behind the ear

This will not be visible and will still help to reaffirm more, given the texture of the elastic and the increase in pressure

3. Silicone protections

Did you know that there are those silicone protections for acetate glasses or other similar materials? In addition to preventing your glasses from slipping through the nose, they also guarantee greater comfort by avoiding unwanted lens marks on the nose. See how to apply them.

  • Clean the area where it will be applied with a cloth with alcohol and let it dry
  • Remove the paper from the sticker, leaving the other half to hold
  • Place one of the silicone protectors in the area that comes in contact with the nose and securely hold it
  • Cut off excess or buckle it into the frame
  • Do the same on the other side and voila

4. Malleable platelets

Do you know those two platelets, with erasers, that hold the glasses in your nose? These can be adjusted with a little pressure to fit perfectly. To do this, do the following:

Put your glasses on your face and see which one should be adjusted

Remove the lenses and gently push the platelets towards the center, adjusting them to the point that seems comfortable

Try on the glasses again and repeat the process until they are fully adjusted

5. Packing wire

Another curious element that can be used to tighten the glasses is the food packaging wire that is usually covered with black or white plastic, being easy to cut and mold. An elastic can also be used.

Cut a piece of packing wire so that it fits perfectly around the junction of the rod with the lens

Wrap the fold with it and close inside

The glasses will be tighter and can be adjusted later if you prefer

What is your favorite way? Have you tried any of these? Tell it in the comments!

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