How to Reduce the Stomach Without Surgery! 100% Natural!


How to Reduce Stomach without Surgery! 100% Natural and fast. In addition, studies show that our stomach’s ability to store food is linked to our eating habits.

In other words, the ability of the stomach to support larger meals is not tied to the size of the individual.

In fact, our stomach does not reduce in size without a surgical procedure, as is the case of bariatric surgeries.

When we are eating something, nervous receptors on the walls of the stomach send signals to the brain once it has stretched up to a certain point.

That way, the greater the capacity of your stomach , the longer it will take for the satiety signal to be registered by the brain.

As we digest the food, our stomach returns to its normal size and begins to produce another hormone called ghrelin. This hormone tells the brain that we are starting to feel hungry again.

It is estimated that our stomach takes about 20 minutes to send signals to the brain that it is getting full so if we do not chew well we will probably eat more than necessary.

Through some changes in eating habits, it is possible to decrease the capacity of the stomach , so that it is satiated faster and does not feel hungry so often.

So avoid distractions when it comes to eating and enjoy the food more: its aroma, texture and appearance, not just your taste.

Another important tip is to choose foods with nutritional density, such as fruits , vegetables, whole grains and lean protein .

Vegetables are excellent because they take up space in the stomach but do not have as many calories as other foods, which helps you get satiated by consuming fewer calories.

Choosing healthier foods and consuming smaller portions will contribute not only to toning the stomach but also to lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

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