How to Raise Lips in Less Than 1 Minute!


How to Increase Lips in Less than 1 Minute Quickly and Naturally. In addition, the lips are one of the areas of our body more sensual and attractive and therefore we would all like to look much thicker lips without having to resort to plastic surgery. Luckily, there are certain beauty tricks that, while not having permanent effect, will let us show a nice mouth for a few hours. One of these natural remedies is cinnamon , which, thanks to its revitalizing and stimulating properties, softens the cracking of the lips and, in addition, will activate the blood circulation, making them much larger.

If you have very thin lips and want to give them volume without spending a lot of money, in this health-for-life article we explain how to increase the lips with cinnamon  and thus you can boast of an incredibly sexy and impressive mouth. Continue reading and discover in this article How to Raise Lips in Less than 1 Minute  at Home.

How to Raise Lips in Less Than 1 Minute:

This recipe has as main components cinnamon and coconut oil , both full of benefits for the lips. The cinnamon  is a spice that can increase the volume of your lips for a few hours. However, this ability is due to the irritation it causes in our mouth. Therefore, to apply cinnamon  to the lips, it is advisable to blend it with coconut oil , a natural moisturizer that will keep that area of ​​the face deeply moisturized. Check Out Now  How to Raise Lips in Less Than 1 Minute.


Half a tablespoon cinnamon ;

1 tablespoon coconut oil ;

1 toothbrush.

Method of preparation:

To do this beauty trick, simply place the cinnamon with the coconut oil in the same container and stir the ingredients until well blended.

Then you should get a toothbrush and dip it in the mixture.

Rub your lips gently with the brush for a few minutes until you notice that they are a bit red and irritated.

Wash area to remove cinnamon scraps .

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