How to Prepare a Cayenne Pepper Ointment for Varicose Veins!


How to Prepare an Ointment of Cayenne Pepper for Varicose Veins . In addition, when varicose veins  are discussed, discomfort is immediately generated in all women. To combat this enemy, here we will leave you how to prepare a cayenne pepper ointment for varicose veins .

The varicose veins appear unsightly and cause discomfort and discomfort in the legs. Is there any solution? In fact, there are home remedies will help reduce varicose veins.

The varicose veins  are nothing more than inflamed veins in the legs due to problems circulating blood. This problem lies in valvular venous insufficiency for the adequate transport of oxygen-poor blood to the heart .

Varicose vein ointment  made with Cayenne Pepper for Varicose Veins is a natural solution. It is economical and quite effective compared to conventional medical and surgical treatment. Currently, there are several treatments on the market, but they are expensive. This homemade and economical remedy, besides being natural, easily treats these varicose veins problems .

When using this varicose ointment , you will notice its immediate effect. It will improve your appearance and eradicate the irritating symptoms associated with weight, cramps and leg pains.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper Ointment for Varicose Veins:

You should buy Cayenne Pepper For Varicose Veins at any health food store. One fact you should know is that cayenne pepper is called red pepper in countries like Chile, Mexico and Venezuela.

This plant is used to give a strong, bitter and spicy flavor to the meals. Similarly, it is attributed the property of improving the state of the blood circulation :

It promotes the toning of the veins of the body, which increases the venous return;

Prevents blood stagnation in the legs, thereby eradicating irritating varicose veins.

How to Prepare the Ointment:


2 tablespoons cayenne pepper (30 g);

½ cup of beeswax (100 g);

1 cup almond oil (250 ml).

Utensils To Use:

Glass container;

Wooden spoon;

Hermetic bottle.

Method of preparation:

Pour the beeswax into the container and place it to melt in a water bath;

Once melted, add 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper and almond oil;

Reduce heat and start mixing with the wooden spoon;

After obtaining a homogeneous mixture, turn off the heat and allow to stand at room temperature for 10 minutes;

Store it in an airtight jar before it solidifies;

This mixture should be used twice a day. Put on the ointment when you stand up, and when you lie down, apply it to your legs and massage for at least 10 minutes.

Some Tips to Avoid Varicose Veins:

Do exercises:

Running or walking daily for at least half an hour a day will improve your blood circulation . This will promote venous return and strengthen the vein valves.

Exercise is a way to prevent the onset of varicose veins . Exercise and remember to moisturize while doing physical activity as this will help the flow of blood in your legs.

Lose weight:

You should diet and improve your eating habits to avoid the onset of varicose veins . Overweight and obesity are factors predisposing to the development of varicose veins .

A low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet is needed to achieve this goal. Consume fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy and prevent the onset of varicose veins  in the legs.

Raise your legs:

Some symptoms such as leg pain, feeling of heaviness, tingling and cramping may indicate circulatory problems. Alternate your daily activities with at least 10 minutes of passive lifting of your legs, this will help the venous return and improve your circulation .

Before you get out of bed, you can lift your legs while lying down and support them on the wall. You can also perform active and moving lifts by activating the circulation in the legs.

Avoid Sitting Cross-legged:

You should avoid sitting for a long time or standing for long periods of time. These postures affect correct blood flow and increase valvular insufficiency of the veins.

Having your legs crossed for a long period will prevent the ideal blood circulation . When you are sitting, it is advisable to have a posture with your legs flat on the floor and without tension.

Wear Light and Comfortable Clothes:

We recommend the use of loose clothing that does not hinder the correct movement of the muscles of your legs. Tight clothing, such as some pants, does not allow blood circulation and can cause varicose veins .

Tight clothes are fashionable, but can be harmful to the blood circulation in the legs. You can change your clothes and it is important that, at bedtime, wear loose clothing.

Do not hesitate to put these simple tips into practice as the benefits to your health are numerous. The cayenne pepper for varicose veins is simple and inexpensive to make. Use this varicose ointment  and you will see results!

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