How to make the Hem of the Pants with and without Sewing Machine


    See how to adjust the height of your pants with a machine-free method and two using the machine

    Sometimes, you find pants that are perfect for your waist and thighs but are too long. Then, the way is to invert them and then hem the pants to reach the length. Cutting only the hem of the pants is not a good idea because it is unfinished and neglected. Usually, the seamstress is the one who does this job, but if you want to save time and money, you can learn to hem the pants at home. Look at the following tips.

    How to make the hem of the pants step by step

    Anyone who has a sewing machine at home knows that it is quite simple to use it to hem the pants. But those who don’t have one can do it too. Look at some tips on how to do it both ways: with and without the machine.

    1. Without machine and without cutting the hem

    To hem the pants without using the machine, you will need scissors, thread and needle. Even for those who have never used a needle and thread, there is no secret. The first time may not be perfect, because you may give the stitches on the fabric, but it is very quick to learn. For the tutorial, watch the following video for details because it is much easier to see how it is done.

    2. Simple original hem with machine

    This is a hem for those who have a sewing machine. There are different ways of hemming, cutting and using the machine to sew again. In this way, you will cut to the desired size according to the height of the person.

    Then you will cut only the bottom of the cover that will be sewn again. Then do the finishing to remove the excess fabric in the overlock. Do the same type of overlock finishing on the pants and only afterwards are you going to join the pants and the hem to finish.

    3. Original hemmed inlay method

    This advice is also for those who have the sewing machine, but the method is a bit different. It is more work because you will use a separator to first remove the seam from the bar after cutting it.

    Then, you will sew it again and redo the hem to get an excellent finish. It’s called the embedded method precisely because the finish looks like the original part.

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