How to Kill the Rats at Home


These little animals are hidden and, if you’re not careful, soon your house will be all infected

Rats are considered pests because they transmit more than 200 diseases. In some cities there are many and it is enough to live in a house with a patio so that the mice are installed without anyone noticing. They leave their traces of dirt when they invade the kitchen and find food packages. If they find a shelter, they will surely leave the place contaminated with their feces. So, if you are suffering from these animals at home, here is how to kill the rats at home.

7 Ways to kill rats at home

Rats are often near sewers, damp and dark places, or near where there is a lot of garbage and debris, that is, where they can take shelter or find food. So, look what you can do about it and what methods to use to kill the rats at home.

1. Examine and clean the environment and environment of your home

If possible, the ideal is to cut it at the root. If there is open sewage near your home, this problem must be resolved so you can eliminate the rats. If there is no lid on some drains in your home, buy one and put it on. If you have garden debris or vacant land, you must first organize it.

2. Keep the kitchen clean and organized

Rats especially like cooking. Be sure to always change the trash and have it with a tight fitting lid. Try to store as much food as possible in glass jars with sealed lids. Keep the corners between the covered furniture and the floor always clean. Do not leave food on the countertops or on the table.

3. Fix leaks

Rats can find small leaks in places they consider safe, since they are hidden from your sight. Take a general look at your home analyzing possible leaking or leaking pipes. These may be attracting rats.

4. Keep doors and windows protected

Although it is more common for rats to enter at home through the drains, they can also be accessed through the door or through the window. If you want to leave them open, the solution can be fixed, open and close wire screens, or mobile.

5. Homemade poison

Sometimes, the only way to contain a rat infestation or remove a nest from your home is by using poisons. You can buy it at the supermarket or make homemade rat poison recipes that include products such as flour and plaster, ammonia, pepper oil, baking soda or others.

6. Baits

Among the options of poison in the market, many are shaped like bait to be eaten by rats, since they cannot stop biting to keep their teeth sharp. These are made with a mixture of ingredients that attract rats with others that intoxicate them.

7. Call a specialized company

If you prefer not to have to deal with rats or if there are many, it is best to hire a company that specializes in pest control.

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