How to get the Card for Seniors Step by Step


With this document, you can have access to free tickets or discounts of at least 50%

Increasingly, Brazil has its age-reversed pyramid, with more people getting older, which leads to various needs for adapting legislation, making the country accessible to all. This is the case of the card for the elderly.

While retirement is not yet adequate for the majority of the population, prices rise, causing a clear imbalance. It is in this context that older people have to look for ways to make their costs less painful, and the elderly card is an interesting solution to help reduce spending for this age group, which suffers so much from the reality of a developing country.

Why get the card for seniors

According to the website of the federal government, the card for the elderly senior citizens entitles them to a free discount or, at least, 50% on all modes of transport, whether by rail, road or waterway.

It may not seem like much, but for those with a higher cost of living than the average population, the higher costs of medical care can mean the freedom to walk wherever they want to go. Many times, even the passage of a bus can weigh, can you imagine visiting family in another city?

Therefore, the card for the elderly offers much more than discounts, proposes greater dignity to the elderly, guaranteeing the right to come and go to those who cannot afford certain services, guaranteed by the Statute for the Elderly.

In addition, it increases the possibility of integration with society, since from the moment in which travel is no longer expensive, it also allows them access to medical care in different locations in relation to their home, bringing only benefits. Know who is entitled.

Who has the right to get the card for the elderly?

Despite being a really important benefit, not all older people can have access to it, since it is available for those who have more difficulty moving, either within or between cities, by the aforementioned transport routes.

The rule says that only people over 60 who do not have an individual income exceeding two minimum wages can get the card for the elderly, because it is considered the target audience of the program, since they are less able to pay the costs of passages

The card for seniors can be presented to the bus driver through the front door when traveling within the city with local companies. For road trips, it is necessary to present it at the ticket counter, like other passengers, with a 50% discount.

Despite being specific, the process to obtain the card for the elderly is simple and does not present many difficulties, just follow the steps below.

How to get it step by step

Here is how to get a free or discounted card for the elderly in simple steps:

Registering at the federal government social programs center: if you have not already done so, you must go to the Single Cadastro assistance service and complete the requested information. Some documents are mandatory and are explained on the CadÚnico website. Remember that this alone does not guarantee any benefit, it is only a way to centralize the information. With NIS (Social Identification Number) in hand, you will proceed to the next step;

Request the card: in the same place, you must present your NIS and your photo ID, submitting the application for your third age card. As you have already gone through the social registration process, proof of income will not be required at this stage of the process;

Receive the Senior Citizen Card: the card may take up to 90 days to be ready, but you will receive a Provisional Statement, which is valid for 180 days, to use the rights granted, as it may take up to 120 days to complete the process.

In this way, with simple steps, you can guarantee a free or 50% discount on transport throughout Brazil, by road, rail or waterway, which helps to alleviate the cost and provides greater mobility, whether for integration Social. or to take care of your health.

You should know that in each country the steps to follow and required roles may vary a bit. But usually, they tend to be more or less the same.

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