How to Fix Defective Eyebrows: Home and Professional Tips


See how to fix eyebrow errors when you are in a hurry as if you were a professional

Nowadays, fashion is to use thick and bulky eyebrows with a very natural look. That is why, in a way, a defect and an eyebrow turn out to be a natural charm. However, not everyone likes it. If you have a natural defect in the eyebrows or you have removed more hairs than you should, know some solutions to fix the defective eyebrows.

4 Tips to fix defective eyebrows

What you will have to do to fix the defective eyebrows is to fill the gaps. Learn 4 ways to do it, below.

1. Fix the defect of an eyebrow in the middle

If you have left or have a defect in the middle of the eyebrow and need to fix it immediately because you have an appointment, the most practical method is to use a fine-pointed eyebrow pencil, a mascara brush, an eye shadow of the same color than the pencil or a brush that is thin.

To make it look good, draw with the pencil of very thin strands in the place of the defect, imitating the strands of the eyebrows. Make the hairs as thin as possible.

If you want them to be stronger, use the leftover overlay in a thin layer just to create a background on the painted pencil strands. Apply the eyeshadow with the brush. Finish blurring with a little brush and go.

2. Fill short eyebrows

If your eyebrows are shorter than you would like, either at the beginning, near the nose or at the end, you will need to create some makeup finishes. However, this time you will need a white eyeliner, in addition to the materials mentioned in the previous advice.

Start using the white pencil to take the correct measures your eyebrows should have. After marking everything, follow the same procedure as the previous advice.

3. Micropigmentation or microblanding

If you want to fix the defective eyebrows for a long time without having to paint them every day, the solution is micropigmentation or microblanding techniques.

The two techniques consist of filling the eyebrows very carefully, thread by thread, using an electric needle with ink as if it were a tattoo. However, these techniques are not permanent like tattoos. They usually last approximately 6 months to a year. Therefore, you will need to do touch-ups.

4. Grow the hairs and fill in the gaps

Although you use one of the three tips outlined above, you can also stimulate hair growth and fill the void naturally. This will work if it is not a scar or if the hair follicles at the site of the defect are still active to produce new hair. To have this answer, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

Once you know that it is possible to grow the hair and fill the void, you can use products such as castor oil , Bepantol and a medicine called Minoxidil, which should be prescribed by a doctor. All these can be applied daily to the eyebrows before going to sleep. Follow the instructions of the doctor, pharmacist, as well as the leaflet.

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