How to Fight All Body Toxins in 3 Days!


How to Fight All Toxins in the Body in 3 Days were natural. In addition,  Tackling All Toxins in the Body  is something that needs to be done regularly. Our immune system is regulated by the large intestine, so it plays an essential role in our body. It is responsible for Fighting All Toxins in the Body , but when something is wrong, waste accumulates in the body , causing serious health problems.

On average, food is processed by the body within 24 hours, but some fiber-poor foods stay in the body for  about 70 hours. This accumulates too much dump in your gut. The accumulation of toxins  in the large intestine for years can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating, and constipation.

But now you can fight all body toxins in 3 days . As? This is what you will learn next. Some recipes you should do 3 times a day, the first of them in substitution of breakfast. So, check out now How to Fight All Body Toxins in 3 Days:

How to Fight All Body Toxins in 3 Days:

1. How to Fight All Body Toxins in 3 Days with Coconut Water:

Very refreshing, this juice is rich in vitamin C , so it increases immunity and improves the mood.


200 ml of coconut water

Pulp of 1 small passion fruit

20 g of red fruits (strawberry, blackberry and raspberry)

1 tablespoon chia seed


Beat all the ingredients in the blender and do not strain or sugar.

2. How to Fight All Body Toxins in 3 Days with Plum:


1 dry black plum

2 slices of pineapple

200 ml  of coconut water

3 mint leaves

1 tablespoon golden flaxseed


Put the black plum to hydrate for about 8 hours inside a bowl of water  in the refrigerator. After that, place it together with the other ingredients in the blender and beat until the point. It is not necessary to scratch. Just hit and drink.

3. How to Fight All Body Toxins in 3 Days with Carrot:


1 carrot

1 cup diced pineapple

1 juice of 1 lemon plus the zest of the lemon peel

1 cup of sweet stalks of tea


Put the ingredients in a centrifuge and beat with filtered water (it can also be  coconut water ). This procedure can also be done in a blender. As the intention is to leave the juice with creamy density, it is advisable to use half a glass of water  as a measure.

4. How to Fight All 3-Day Corneal Toxins with Raspberry:

This vitamin, besides being very powerful to eliminate toxins, also favors the digestion, it fights the retention of liquids and regulates the metabolism. For its properties, it is recommended to detoxify the body , fight obesity and rheumatic diseases.


2 large apples

½ cup raspberries

1 glass of water


Wash the apples very well and peel them. Put the raspberries in the blender and add the apple into chunks and the glass of water . Beat everything very well for a few minutes and drink this juice three times a week.

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