How to End Bad Breath Definitely


Look at these techniques to avoid and end bad breath

Nothing is more unpleasant than approaching a person and realizing that he has bad breath. When it is believed that the problem is self, and you are not sure what to do to solve it, it is horrible.

And what causes bad breath? And, most importantly, what are the tips to end bad breath once and for all?

Learn all about it, and solve this problem, either yours or a close friend.

What causes bad breath

To definitely solve the problem of bad breath, it is important to know what causes this smell. Knowing this, it is much easier to deal with this problem.

Many people think that the cause of bad breath is a stomach problem. However, it’s not always like that. Statistics say that 90% of cases are caused by bacteria in the mouth. Don’t despair, everything has a solution. Identify which of the following cases you live with and end bad breath.

Incorrect feeding

Improper feeding can be one of the factors that cause halitosis (formal name for bad breath), since some chemicals present in these foods favor this type of reaction in the body. The foods that should be avoided are:

  • Garlic;
  • Onion;
  • Coffee;
  • Spicy foods.
  • Being without food for a long time

Staying too long without food can also be one of the causes of bad breath. If the body has nothing to digest for a few hours, the acid used by the stomach for digestion begins to be exhaled slowly through the mouth, causing a possible halitosis. Avoid chewing gum for long periods without eating, as chewing gum accelerates the digestive process.


Stress is one of the causes of bad breath because it interrupts the production of saliva in the body, which has a direct influence on the smell of the mouth. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of the signs of stress and take measures to prevent it, such as:

  • To meditate;
  • Practice exercises;
  • Make short intervals during work;
  • Reserve a time for pleasure;
  • Take care of your diet.

Tips to end bad breath

Now that you know some causes of halitosis, it’s time to talk about the tips to stop bad breath. There are some easy and simple methods to get rid of bad breath definitely.

Recipe to end bad breath

To prepare this super practical recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

Cinnamon powder: 1 teaspoon;

Hot water: 1 cup;

Pure honey: half a teaspoon;

Squeezed lemon: 2 units.

How to use it:

Mix all the ingredients in a container with a lid. Let it cool a little.

Make a new mouthwash with the mixture every day, ingesting it.

Avoid using this mixture when it is still very hot, wait for it to cool slightly in the fridge.

It should be noted that this recipe is powerful and can be used for other treatments, mainly due to the antibacterial substances that cinnamon and honey have. In addition to this, any respiratory symptoms, such as colds and flu, can be treated with these products. Therefore, your immunity will also benefit from this process.

Avoid staying more than 3 hours without eating

Spending more than 3 hours without eating is one of the most popular causes of bad breath, because in the rush of everyday life, many people even forget to eat something. See what foods are easy to digest, ideal for solving this problem:

  • Raw salads;
  • Cooked vegetables;
  • Lean meat;
  • Fruits

Always have fast and practical meals on hand, such as cereal bars, to eat between meals.

Keep your mouth always moist

Even if it is not hot, it is important to hydrate for the health of the body and mouth. Look at the tips that will solve this problem:

  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up and just before bedtime;
  • Always have around a glass or a bottle full of water;
  • If you wish, also drink juice or tea, but always prioritize water;
  • Take a 500 ml solution daily. of water with lemon juice;
  • Avoid the consumption of soft drinks, due to the excess of sugars present;
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages as they provide dehydration;
  • Drink isotonic, preferably natural like coconut water.

How to know if your breath smells bad

Contrary to popular belief, putting your hand in front of your mouth to control bad breath does not work. This is because the predominant smell is the smell present in the palm of the hand, which makes the method inefficient.

The safest way to know if you have bad breath or not is to ask people you trust if you have this problem. According to dentists, most of the people who come to the office with this complaint come from reports of family members. Also, see other tips:

  • Go to an oral health professional periodically;
  • Be sure to have a whitish or yellowish layer on the tongue, if the tongue is like this, this is a strong indication that you have bad breath;
  • Watch for symptoms such as dryness, bitter mouth and general malaise of the mouth.

Tips for good oral hygiene

It is important to maintain basic hygiene care to stop bad breath. At home and daily, you can combat this annoying problem. Follow these tips to keep oral hygiene up to date:

Floss every day;

Brush your teeth after each meal, before bedtime and when you wake up;

If necessary, use mouthwash once a day, using it as indicated on the label;

Don’t forget to brush every part of your mouth, such as your tongue, gums and palate.

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