How to Eliminate Psoriasis Using Moringa!


How to Eliminate Psoriasis Using Moringa Naturally and Effectively. In addition,  psoriasis  is a chronic skin disease with a genetic component, affecting approximately 3% of the world population. The disease is not contagious and appears in many forms: rapid division of skin cell formation from the basal layer to the epidermis layer.

Normal skin cells take about a month to die, in patients with psoriasis , because of the accelerated process, it takes only 3-4 days for there to be scales and cutaneous lesions, reddish-purple marks, the skin tends to be dry, itchy, stiff and sore.

The use of Moringa for patients with psoriasis helps in several ways: Moringa helps to balance the body, disinfects the blood and all cells of the body, helps digestion, significantly reduces damage to the liver, soothes and stabilizes general feelings and improves concentration and pressing problems.

The Moringa is a food that contains almost all that is necessary for the body, including as essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 fat containing fatty acids and most of the body ‘s energy reservoir. It has been found that patients with the disease have seen benefits in adding omega 3 and can be understood if we remember that there is an inflammatory disease and overwork of the immune system.

Other studies have found that taking omega 3 alongside conventional medication significantly reduces the side effects of these drugs. Now, see  How to Eliminate Psoriasis Using Moringa:



Leaves of Moringa ;

1 sheet of aloe vera ;

Method of preparation:

Make a cream by crushing the Moringa leaves  together with the aloe vera .

Apply Moringa cream  with aloe vera in the area of psoriasis .

It is recommended: Avoid consuming red meats. Do not attempt to disguise an open lesion. Take a vacation and go to the beach and lie on the sand for a week. Carefully choose the soaps as the strong ones can dry and irritate the skin and increase the itching. Humidify the house.

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