How to Eliminate Eye Wrinkles in 20 Minutes!


How to Eliminate Eye Wrinkles in 20 Minutes quickly and easily. In addition, once the skin around the eye begins to lose elasticity and flexibility, it is normal for some wrinkles to appear in the area. These are the result of the loss of collagen and elastin that the skin suffers with age, although aging is not the only cause because the wrinkles around the eyes may form prematurely due to sun exposure, poor skin care habits and other factors, such as smoking , stress, lack of nutrients in the diet, etc. Once they appear, they can give the face a tired and aged look, so it is always appropriate to act and make use of treatments that help reduce their visibility. Continue reading and find out in this article How to Eliminate Eye Wrinkles in 20 Minutes  at Home.

How to Eliminate Eye Wrinkles:

This recipe has as its main components the coconut oil and aloe vera , both full of benefits for the skin. The coconut oil has become the anti-product of many celebrities, it is that their rejuvenating properties are amazing, which moisturizes the skin, softens and protects collagen and elastin, which is essential to prevent aging and wrinkle formation. Meanwhile, aloe vera is a natural regenerating excellence, thus helping to reduce wrinkles that have already appeared around the eyes and are more visible. Check Out Now  How to Eliminate Eye Wrinkles in 20 Minutes.


113 g of organic coconut oil , in solid form;

113 grams of aloe vera gel ;

A few drops of essential oil of your choice.

Method of preparation:

In a bowl, mix gel oil of aloe vera and coconut and shake well the mixture for 5 minutes.

You get a consistent and shiny pulp.

Finally, add the essential oil.

Transfer the gel into a glass container and close with a lid.

Keep the gel at room temperature.

In addition, you should apply the gel on the affected areas of the skin. For best results, it is recommended to apply after the bath, when opening the pores and skin will absorb it better.

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