How to Eliminate All Types of Streaks with Just Three Ingredients!


How to Eliminate All Types of Streaks with Just Three Ingredients ! In addition, stretch marks are produced by stretching the skin. The most common examples are loss or gain of weight and during pregnancy because the abdomen is increased by the growth of the baby.

Stop Over With Streaks With Just Three Ingredients

Two of the most commonly used skin care ingredients include Aloe Vera and Honey which are very moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients as they tell some of its benefits.

Aloe vera is an exceptional cure, as well as improving the appearance and health of the skin , has anti – aging properties because vitamin A , vitamin E and provitamin A, are present in it, and are known for their antioxidant properties. In addition, it stimulates the production of the cells responsible for the formation of collagen, attenuating premature wrinkles and slowing down those of aging.

Honey contains vitamin B complex , vitamin C , D and E; as well as minerals such as iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc as well as various antioxidants.

Honey helps prevent stretch marks and cellulite, has astringent and softening qualities.

Stretch Marks Treatments:

A good way to eliminate Stretch Marks is to do an anti-stretch mark massage on the spot. The massage is to apply a good cream for stretch marks, prescribed by a dermatologist in the affected area and, with the thumb, rub the entire length of the stretch marks, until all the product is absorbed by the skin .portando not waste time and  Ahab With Streaks With Only Three Ingredients

This massage should be performed daily until the Striae disappear. And, after the treatment, it is necessary to continue moisturizing the skin well to avoid the formation of new Striae . And to further enhance your results, our team has searched for the best ways you can treat Stretch Marks from the comfort of your home. Stop Over With Streaks With Just Three Ingredients:

That’s why we bring a healthy and very simple recipe to make. It is an anti-stretch mask, to prevent the appearance of these marks on the skin that you will need:


– Almond oil


– Aloe vera


The first thing to do is take Aloe vera leaf , which is a viscous and gelatinous consistency. Aloe vera , then place it in a bowl and add about 3 drops or whatever you consider the almond oil will soon also add a tablespoon of honey and you will mix well.

After you mix it, you can apply it after taking a shower, it will absorb quickly.

This mask is very effective because thanks to its ingredients it is very moisturizing and gives elasticity to the skin quickly.

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