How to Decrease Uric Acid in the Body


How to Decrease Uric Acid in the Body quickly and naturally. In addition, uric acid is a substance formed by the body after the digestion of proteins, which form a substance called purine, which then give rise to crystals of uric acid, which accumulate in the joints causing intense pain. Usually uric acid does not cause any health problem being eliminated by the kidneys, but when there is a kidney problem, when the person infers many proteins or when your body produces too much uric acid, it accumulates in the joints, tendons and kidneys, giving rise to Gouty Arthritis, also popularly known as ‘Gout’, which is the most painful type of arthritis in existence. Excess uric acid has a cure, as its imbalances can be controlled through a balanced diet, rich in water and poor in foods rich in proteins. In some cases, when the patient has symptoms, the doctor may indicate the use of medicines. So check it out now How to Decrease Uric Acid of the Body:

1. How to Decrease Uric Acid from the Body Using Beets:

An excellent home remedy for uric acid is the combined juice of beet, carrot, cucumber and watercress. The ingredients of these juice have properties that help eliminate excess uric acid from the body and can be a great therapeutic complement to gout and arthritis.


80 g of beet

80 g of carrot

80 g of cucumber

20 g watercress

Method of preparation:

Pass each of the ingredients through the centrifuge and drink the juice soon after, so that it does not lose its medicinal properties.

Take this nutrient concentrate daily in the morning, and after 3 weeks repeat the blood test to check the effect on uric acid reduction.

2. How to Decrease Uric Acid in the Body Using Nettle:

Another home remedy for uric acid is nettle tea which has anti-inflammatory effect, which stimulates circulation and decreases local swelling.


1 tablespoon dried leaf of nettle

150 ml of boiling water

Method of preparation:

Put the water on the dried leaves and leave infused for 20 minutes, then strain and take several times a day.


3. How to Decrease Uric Acid in the Body Using Arnica:

Arnica ointment is great for applying to sore skin due to bruises, bumps or purple marks because it relieves muscle pain very efficiently.


5g of beeswax

45 ml of olive oil

4 tablespoons of leaf and arnica flowers chopped

Method of preparation:

In a water bath, place the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer over low heat for a few minutes.

Then extinguish the heat and leave the ingredients in the pan for a few hours to macerate.

Before it cools, it should strain and store the liquid part in containers with a lid.

They should always be kept in a dry, dark and airy place.

4. How to Decrease Uric Acid in the Body Using Confectionary Cataplasm:

The poultice prepared with comfrey helps in the recovery of painful joints and decreases local swelling, because this plant has an active principle called choline that prevents the formation of edema and favors the blood circulation of the injured tissue. Allantoin and mistletoe stimulate cell growth and tissue regeneration, while tannins have antimicrobial effect.


2 to 4 tablespoons of the root of confrei powder

1 piece of fabric that can cover the desired area

Water warm enough to form a paste

Method of preparation:

Mix the powder with water carefully until it forms a paste, put on the clean cloth and apply directly on the area you want to treat.

Leave on for 2 hours.

Caution: This preparation should not be used in open wounds because it may be toxic and cause skin irritation, liver problems and promote the development of cancer.

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