Honey Lemon Drink 5kg in 9 Days Only!

Honey Lemon Drink 5kg in 9 Days Only!

Honey Lemon drink to lose weight 5 kg in just 9 days quickly and effectively. Also, see how to prepare honey with lemon to lose weight. This is a hot drink perfectly for those who want to lose more than a pound of the body. This is a hot drink perfectly for those who want to lose more than a pound of the body. The infusion of honey with lemon is perfect for activating and, when taken daily, detoxifying all the bad things we acquire during the day.


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From a very young age, my grandmother always told me that lemons have many miraculous benefits, some that limit water with honey, use it to lose weight and fight cough, that is, eliminate toxins from the body, get rid of acne and even you burn fat.

But is this a mino? What science says According to health, we investigated this fat-burning drink, if all the information about the healing power of lemon water with honey is true.

Honey drink with lemon to lose weight 5 kg in just 9 days:

what honey with lemon is for. Lemons are considered low in calories and thanks to their high content of antioxidants, which helps to break down fat cells. Lemon juice with honey can help with weight loss, but it also helps fight flu, colds, asthma and sore throat, among other breathing problems.

Did you know that honey is produced by bees, that is, it contains a viscous consistency with a sweet and refreshing flavor.

Honey is used as a natural substitute for processed sugar and you have many therapeutic properties for treating wounds and burns on the skin.

On the other hand, lemons are citrus fruits harvested for juice, although the peel and pulp are also used as different beauty products. Lemons have vitamins C and another component.

Honey with lemon is a drink widely used to burn abdominal fat. In this article, you will learn how to prepare this excellent natural drink: You may also be interested in this Shakes to lose weight at night, it will help you lose a few extra pounds.


1 tablespoon of organic honey

Lemon juice.

1 cup of water

Method of preparation:

To begin, you must heat the water to a temperature that is hot enough, but not too hot.

Then add the lemon juice and honey.

Stir well before consuming.

Drink this drink every day and burn a few pounds in a month.

Honey and Lemon Benefits:

Thanks to the detoxification of the lemon, along with a dash of honey, it is known as one of the best drinks to lose weight. On the other hand, this is because organic honey is able to prevent many intestinal problems, improves cardiovascular health and helps to reduce inflammation. This, in turn, helps in weight reduction.

Lemons contain many vitamins C, which are a great help to boost the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body, help maintain a PH balance in the body that promotes better optimal health.

Take it daily as a morning ritual and in a few days you will notice a big change.

Honey Lemon Drink 5kg in 9 Days Only!

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