Homemade Recipe To Cleanse The Kidney And The Kidneys Today!


Homemade Recipe To Clean the Liver and Kidneys Today in a simple and natural way. In addition, you will not need to suffer to rid your body of toxins . All you will need is a little time, at the end of your day, and simple ingredients that are available at any grocery store.

Homemade Recipe To Clean The Fig

For the body to work properly, it is necessary for the liver and kidneys to be operative. These organs should be working smoothly to help the body process the food they eat.

However, the type of frequent eating these days only contributes to destabilizing our health.

In Chinese medicine, the liver is the most important organ for the woman, just as the kidney is for the man.

The ancient Chinese medicine understands that practically the entire female reproductive system is ruled by the liver, responsible for changes in the menstrual cycle, presence of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, vaginal discharge or pruritus, changes in libido such as frigidity and impotence.

It is the liver which, through Chinese medicine, directs blood circulation and regulates the menstrual cycle.

However, the most important function of the liver, still according to traditional Chinese medicine, is emotional balance.

The kidneys are also considered, by filtering all body fluids, the source of energy for all other organs.


See the Recipe for Detoxifying the Liver and Kidneys:


Olive oil: 1 tbsp;

Orange juice : 1 tablespoon (minced);

Grated ginger : 1/2 tablespoon;

Chopped garlic : 1/2 tablespoon;

Method of preparation:

Put all ingredients in blender and shred;

If necessary, add a little water ;

Take it immediately for 3 nights before bedtime;

Attention: If you have pressure problems, you should not do this treatment.

The tips in this article are no substitute for consulting your doctor. Remember that each organism is unique and can react differently than mentioned.

And to get the results mentioned you also need to join a healthy and balanced life and eating .

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